Computer Hardware Company in Nepal

The way the Nepalese market has grown in computer technology is really impressive. Lots of technology-based companies have contributed to the uplift of the computer technology base of Nepal. Guru Computer Solution is one of those companies that has had a great impact on the Computer Hardware Company in Nepal.

Computer Hardware Company in Nepal (Guru Computer Solution) was established in 2010 to pre cutting-edge services with leading expertise in computer hardware and software. We are one of the most competitive, innovative, and dedicated groups of professionals in the field of computer hardware technology. We are the only certified computer hardware company in Nepal.

We offer all kinds of computer hardware products in Nepal such as all of the computer parts and accessories, projectors, printers, laptops, desktops, and others. We have expertise in chip-level computer hardware and other experts who are providing hardware and networking, desktop repair, chip-level laptop repair, projector repair, printer repair, and other repairing services.

Being a certified computer hardware company, it becomes our responsibility to offer genuine products and services to our customers and maintain the standard in quality of service. We have a dedication towards the customer with professional experts in computer hardware and a well-equipped office.

Computer Hardware Company in Nepal | Services

Guru Computer Solution is the hub for almost all of the laptop and computer-related services. Our service range starts from quality laptop repairing to laptop repair training. it is renowned for all laptop repair solutions in Kathmandu. Its services are not limited to the laptops only rather it includes mobile repairing and mobile repair training, printer repairing, and training, projector repair and training, CCTV repair and training, etc.

Guru considers the customer time and value addition, and to serve this, Guru also offers computer repair home services in Kathmandu. Quality repair and maintenance, repair training, repair home services, and offering genuine parts and peripherals and some of the services offered by Guru Solutions.

Home Delivery

Computer Hardware Company in Nepal solution is the authorized, leading, and renowned repair center for laptops and computers in Kathmandu. We offer world-class laptops, computers, printers, projectors, CCTV cameras, and many other devices repair services all over Kathmandu. Our highly trained technicians are experts at repairing any kind of electronic device.

If you’re having problems/ issues with your laptop, printer, projector, CCTV, etc., you need to repair it but don’t have enough time to visit the service center. You just need to contact us to get immediate help. So that our team can pick up your devices. Then, we’ll provide a repair and maintenance, repair it upon approval, and deliver it back to you as soon as possible. We promise to provide you with the best professional laptop, projector, printer, CCTV, and many other repair services all over Kathmandu by our expert and skilled technician team.

Our home delivery services include the following services:

Free pick-up and delivery in Kathmandu valley

IF you need any kind of repairing services for your electronic devices. You just need to contact us, we are here to provide any kind of repairing service to any kind of electronic device. We provide free pick-up and delivery services for our customers who don’t have time to visit us. We provide our delivery services all over Kathmandu for free.

Courier and transport Charge out of the valley

We also provide repairing services outside Kathmandu valley. So our delivery service is available for the outside valley, but it includes some charge. We just take the most reasonable price of delivery services outside Kathmandu.

Maintenance Contract

A maintenance contract is a written document that contains the terms of an agreement between a client and a maintenance service provider. We provide annual maintenance contract (AMC) and monthly maintenance contract (MMC) services for laptops, computers, printers, projectors, etc. to our valuable clients at a very reasonable price. Using the latest and advanced technology, we offer a complete solution of computers based on an annual contract. Our expert team will assure to maintain the functionality of the electronic devices to ensure smooth performance.

Our AMC service includes:

  • 24×7 Services
  • Remote Support
  • Onsite Service
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Periodic IT assessment
  • Faster response and resolution
  • Managed data backup and protection etc.

Setup & Maintenance Contract

GURU computer solution is not just limited to repairing services but we also provide setup services for both government office and non-government offices as well. We set up all the electronic devices used in the office including computers, printers, projectors, CCTV cameras, etc. We complete our work as per the requirement of the customer. We offer setup services all over Kathmandu at the most affordable cost so that you don’t need to search for other options.

After the setup service, we also provide a monthly maintenance contract (MMC) and annual maintenance contract (AMC) as per the customer requirement. We offer both maintenance contracts at a reasonable price. You can choose any contract so that your device can function properly and its life can expand.

Maintenance on the client’s location

Maintenance means keeping your electronic devices in good condition through regular cleanings, hard drive updates, and virus prevention. Doing this can lengthen the lifespan of your devices and it can also help you browse the web more safely. Maintenance of your device regularly can help extend its life, saving you time and money on replacements.

If you want maintenance for your devices like laptop, desktop, printer, projector, CCTV camera, etc. you can contact us. We offer several levels of service for your devices. We provide maintenance at your place if you don’t have time to visit us. With the help of our expert and experienced technicians, we provide the best maintenance services for your devices at your place.

Client support through online

Online customer service is the process used to answer inquiries from customers digitally using tools such as email, social media, live chat, etc. Consumers want fast customer support these days. They don’t want to wait for talking to a customer representative on the phone. When they have a question or a complaint they just want an immediate response.

GURU computer solution has a team for online support. We can contact us through online media using email, social media, live chat, etc. Our representative is always there for your support. They can help you with any kind of problem-related to the repair and maintenance of electronic devices.

Providing genuine parts

If you are trying to get genuine parts for your device but you cannot find the appropriate one. It is really difficult to visit each service center to find out about the availability of genuine parts for your devices. It is also unlikely to get what you need either.

So we are here for your service. We provide high-quality spare parts and accessories at a very suitable price. We provide 100% original and genuine products for all electronic devices like laptops, desktops, printers, projectors, CCTV cameras, and many more.

For Laptop and Computer: We provide genuine laptop spare parts replacement and upgrade services to all types of laptops like motherboard, LCD screen, keyboard, battery, cooling fan, heat sink, ram, DVD writer, adapter, touchpad, bottom case, and many others.

For Printer: We provide genuine products for types of printers like printer boards, printer pickup rollers, drum units, toners, and many others.

For Projector: We provide genuine products for types of projectors like projector lamps, DMD chip/ imager, ballast board/PSU, and many others.

Training Services

Hardware training is one of the skills that never go out of trend in this technology-dominated era. Research shows that the number of people taking training such as laptop repair training, projector repair training, CCTV repair training printer repair training, mobile repair training, are increasing day by day. Along with this, the number of training service providers is also increasing in Nepal. As we all know that the upcoming era is an era of computer technology and there will be a massive use of computers and related technology in almost all fields. This fact gives us an insight into the probable market for the repairing services.

Guru Computer Solution is one of the leading hardware training service providers in Kathmandu, Nepal. we have a long experience in repairing services and after becoming an expert in repairing services, it has also started to offer training services to people that include mobile repairing training, laptop repair training, projector repair training, printer repair training, CCEV repair training, and others.

Laptop Repair Training

Guru Computer Solution has been providing laptop repair training in Kathmandu for a long time. Laptop repair training is one of the most practical and professional courses. we started offering a laptop repair course in Kathmandu after becoming an expert in laptop repair services with its long experience. We have one of the most senior experts and engineers as trainers in Guru Solution.

Guru Computer Solution has already placed more than 1500 students in different sectors by training them professionally. we make sure that after the completion of the course, students can professionally repair the laptops and computers. We have all the necessary machinery and equipment available for the training with a homely and peaceful learning environment. Current Guru offers training from its main office Nepguru.

Printer Repair Training

The printer is one of the most used devices nowadays as we can see the use of a printer in almost all the offices. The printer is a very useful electronic device for the recordkeeping of different digital documents into the physical hard copy and even for scanning and photocopy. As there is higher use, there is a demand for repair centers and skilled printer repairing technicians in Nepal. By considering this fact, we started to offer printer repair training for interested students.

With our latest and updated course designed, students can take the advantage of learning the repairing skills for the latest printer models. Our senior engineers are highly experienced and professional in their work. If you wish to make your career as a printer repair technician and if you are a dedicated student, you can get maximum out of our trainers, which will benefit you in your career.

Projector Repair Training

In today’s world, the projector has become one of the most widely used technological gadgets. We can see projectors being used in schools, colleges, banks, corporate and government offices, conference halls, and other places. When it comes to giving a presentation, we can’t imagine doing it without a projector. All of this demonstrates the thriving projector market in Kathmandu and throughout Nepal.

In Kathmandu, there is a high demand for projector repair centers. We are stepped forward to meet this demand by offering a projector repair training course in Kathmandu, resulting in qualified and skilled projector repair technicians. This is completely a professional training course since students who participate in projector maintenance training can immediately apply their talents in the market after completing the course.

A projector repair training course could be the finest course for you if you want to make a career in the electronic repair industry. You will be a professional specialist in projector repairs once you have completed your projector repairing course. Projector repair facilities, electronic repair service centers, projector manufacturing firms, electronic shops, and a variety of other places are all good places to look for work. It would be even better if you wanted to start a projector repair shop.

CCTV Repair Training

What could be better than the installation of CCTV cameras when it comes to the security of various physical assets? We can see the signboard alerting us that we are under the observation of CCTV cameras in private offices, business houses, government offices, schools and colleges, public spaces, highways, and everywhere else. It demonstrates how large the global market for CCTV cameras is. This necessitates the availability of qualified CCTV camera repair professionals on the market.

CCTV repair technician can be a nice career choice because it is a technological talent that never goes out of style. After completing a CCTV repair training course at Guru Solution, you will be able to repair the latest CCTV technologies on the market. Our latest designed course and senior trainers are expert enough to teach you how to repair the CCTV camera and its peripherals.

Technical training courses are better off for the students when students also get a verified certificate from the training institute. Guru Computer Solution is the only CTEVT certified training institute in Nepal and thus provides a CTEVT certified certificate after the completion of the training course to the students. All of the above-mentioned pieces of training are currently offered for our main branch Nepguru. Guru solution never leaves its students on their own after the completion of the training. Guru offers internship and job opportunities to the students at different companies and institutes.

Home Services of Laptops, Printers, desktops, cc camera, projector, etc.

Are you looking for a gadget or computer repair service at your home? When you have issues with your laptop, printer, desktop, CC camera, or projector but could not find a home repair service provider, it makes you frustrated. But don’t worry about it if you are searching for repairing service at home in Kathmandu. Guru Computer Solution is here at your service in the heart of Kathmandu.

People are busy with their stuff nowadays and they don’t schedule their time for the uncertain problems and disturbances. Preferring home repairing services is one of the comforts people want these days. Guru Computer Solution offers a genuine computer and laptop home repair service.

Guru Computer Solution has been providing laptop repairing services in Kathmandu. With the passes of time, our service range has spread all over Nepal. We have the best expertise in the field of computer-related gadget repairing. We have a long experience and well-trained team of technicians who are professional and certified.

Guru Computer Solution offers computer repairing service along with home service. We focus on providing the best value for money to our customers. We offer very genuine parts and accessories with an extensive warranty and hence you can trust in our service quality.

Why Computer Hardware Company in Nepal?

When it comes to electronic devices such as computers, laptops, printers, projectors, etc., people are highly conscious about it because computers carry a large amount of personal as well as professional data. Desktops even possess large data either used at home or in the office. Any problem with it makes one tensed for sure. In this busy era, people have less time to carry the computer to the repair centers and have it repaired.

Since Computer Hardware Company in Nepal Solution values our customers’ time, we offer computer repair home service in Kathmandu. As per the feedback and request of our customers for the repair service at home, Computer Hardware Company in Nepal offers repair service at home. We have our office in Newroad, Kathmandu and we provide home service all around Kathmandu; Baneshwor, Koteshwor, Kalanki, Chabahil, Tripureshwor, Lalitpur, Bauddha, Mahabaudha, Naksal, and other places in Kathmandu.

Computer Hardware Company in Nepal | Service Centers

Guru Computer Solution provides several distinct services with its different service centers, each of which is an expert in its sector. Computer Hardware Company in Nepal is more than just a laptop repair company; we provide a wide range of services through our network of service locations. Computer Hardware Company in Nepal possesses competence in every industry, including laptop repair, mobile repair, laptop repair training, projector and printer repair services, and mobile repair training. The following are the coordination service centers:

Netguru, New Baneshwor: Nepguru is a training institute in Kathmandu’s New Baneshwor. Laptop repair training, computer repair training, CCTV repair training, printer and projector repair training, and mobile repair training are all available at this college. If you want to be a repair specialist, joining Nepguru for any type of training could be a game-changer in your profession. Netguru provides a 100% assurance of course completion as well as a validated training certificate.

Mero Laptop, Newroad: Mero Laptop of New Road specializes in laptop, peripheral, and other computer-related repairing services. For your broken laptops and desktops, Mero Laptop is the best laptop repair service company. This service center has a staff of highly trained and experienced specialists, ensuring that the quality of service is never compromised.

Guru Mobile, Tamrakar Complex: In addition to laptops and desktops, we also offer mobile phone repair in Kathmandu’s Tamrakar Complex. Guru Mobile warmly welcomes you all, whether it’s to repair your smartphones or to provide mobile repairing training services.

Dell Service Nepal, Newroad: Dell Service Nepal is the number one repairing shop for Dell brand devices in Nepal. It focuses solely on Dell laptops and desktops, making it Nepal’s only Dell equipment expert. You will not find a service facility that just works with Dell equipment everywhere, therefore if you own a Dell gadget, visit Dell Service Nepal if you have any problems with it.

Apple Service Nepal, Newroad: Even though Apple is a high-end brand, the number of Apple device users in Nepal is rapidly increasing. Apple Service Nepal took advantage of the large market for Apple laptops, PCs, and other device repairing shops in Nepal by focusing its repairing services solely on the Apple brand. If you own an Apple laptop, Apple Service Nepal is your best option for repairs.

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