April 22, 2022

Computer Repair Training

By Guru Solutions in Laptop Repair

Computer Repair Training in Kathmandu

Computer repairing training skill is an ongoing trend in today’s generation. People are seeking their future through computer repairing skills. Its main craze is on the new students of IT sectors. Undoubtedly it has to be one of the best skills in the present world.

Guru Computer Solutions is proving why it is the best institution for computer repair training in Nepal. By providing the best training to its students Guru Computer Solutions is keeping its standards high. Without any doubt hardware, and repair training is creating a revolution in the field of skill generation. We not only focus on the teaching process; we focus on how to give knowledge to the students.

Computer and computer repairing training courses at the chip level and card level are provided at Guru Computer Solutions. We have a very successful record of skilled manpower generation in Nepal. The main of Guru Computer Solutions is to give work-based knowledge to as many people as it can.

 Computer Repair Training in Nepal

People nowadays are keenly interested in making new skills. The skill which is economically feasible too is the plus point. Alongside the educational degree, the skill which makes their future security is a must need for today’s generation. And computer repairing training skill plays a vital role in this.

A computer repairing training course in Nepal is a “CTEVT” course rather than an educational course. The pc and hardware repair training has got a basic level portion to display in educational courses. The demand for Computer Repair Training courses is high in the market due to its multi-uses in real life too. One can use his/her skills in various ways.

Which is the best institute for computer repair training in Kathmandu?

Among different computer repairing training centers in Kathmandu, Guru Computer Solutions is still unbeatable with its top rank. We heir the best computer repair trainers in the country. At this time Guru Computer Solutions is the best computer repairing training center in Kathmandu valley. The main center of attraction about us is the friendly and workaholic behavior of all the staff.

The skilled manpower i.e., a product of our institute has been well settled at their respective quality jobs. The quality of hardware repair training we provide is of modern type and world-class. We provide the best equipment and modern training course all over Nepal. Famous courses around the world are taught at Guru Computer Solution.

Criteria for enrollment in Computer Repair Training

“What degree and qualification should I have to possess that make me able to do computer repair training courses?” This question may hit you hard. And the answer is simple, you don’t have to worry about it. You don’t need any criteria to enroll in the computer repair training course. There are no difficulties or barriers to being a computer or hardware, repair technician.

One has to give their time and determination toward the training. It is not an educational course that needs educational background. Pc or computer repair training course is a CTEVT course for skill enhancing.

Computer Repair Training Center near me

If you are planning to seek your future in hardware, pc, or computer repairing training then you have to enroll in the best institution. For this, you must search the nearest institution for the course. And that’s the thing where we the Guru Computer Solution is at the top.

We are situated at New Baneshwor which is the center of Kathmandu valley. The main advantage of choosing us is that we have a branch office at New Road also to practice.

Why computer repair training in Nepal?

Everyone wants their future to be successful. And everybody wants to work on their interests. And somebody doesn’t know what to do in their upcoming future. And these questions are obvious in everybody’s mind.

Computer repair training is a technical course that leads you to various high-paying jobs in Nepal and abroad. IT expert, hardware repair technician, technical support assistant, hardware teacher, etc. are some of the career paths. Technical based as well as non-technical based students can gain the skill after doing computer repair training course. So, hardware and computer repair training courses have a great future ahead.

Online course for computer repair training course

Guru Computer Solutions is an offline-based computer repair training center situated in New Baneshwor. The main reason for not going online is that the training is all about machines and hardware. Students must have to come to the center for the classes. Hardware and computer repair training is a practical based course provided by our best trainers. We teach the use of the equipment and machines. More practical display more is the knowledge.

The syllabus and reference materials about the course are on our site which can be fetched online. If the students have any queries, then they can be solved online by our teachers.

Why Guru Computer Solutions for computer repair training in Nepal?

Computer repair training in Nepal is now in very demand due to its knowledge-based skill or high-paying jobs in the market. For the best training, everyone seeks the best institute to be enrolled in. And here we are providing the best. Reasons for choosing us for computer repair training are:

  • Only center in Nepal to provide the CTEVT course.
  • Trainers with experience of more than 10 years.
  • Latest and modern equipment and tools to train with.
  • Individual focusing classes.
  • Main focus on practical training rather than on theory.
  • Fix job placement all around different companies in Nepal.
  • Online subject matters and training-based references.
  • Card to chip level training provided to the students.
  • Friendly and study-friendly environment for students and teachers.
  • Lab visits for live repair training.
  • Affordable course fee.


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