March 11, 2022

Data Recovery

By Guru Solutions in Laptop Repair

Data Recovery Center in Kathmandu, Nepal

Data recovery is the process of restoring data or files that have been lost due to accidentally deleted, inaccessible, corrupted, damaged, or formatted data from secondary storage. Data loss can be caused by many factors, from a human error to malicious attacks, electronic failure to software failure, or in the case of laptops or mobile being dropped or from a virus attack.

Other common causes of data loss include power outages, malfunctions, unintentionally formatting a hard drive, physically damaged hard drive, logical errors, firmware corruption, and many more. Whatever the cause, data loss becomes the biggest problem for everyone. So for this, you need a certified data recovery center.

Guru Computer Solution is one of the best and most trusted data recovery centers in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer an immediate technical analysis and an emergency service for critical data recoveries. We aim to minimize your time by completing all data recoveries at the most appropriate time and giving you a complete data recovery solution.

Which is the Best Data Recovery Center in Kathmandu?

Guru computer solution has been providing technical services since 2010 and guaranteed the best data recovery service in Kathmandu, Nepal. When data loss occurs, you need a recovery center with the latest technology and skills technician to successfully get your data back as quickly as possible. We ensure to provide you with the safest file recovery services using our extensive hands-on experience and latest technologies in Kathmandu.

In process of data recovery, we follow a strict policy in terms of data privacy. All information of customers remains 100% confidential. We have a highly skilled and expert professional team who are capable of solving your problem qualitatively. We have a well-maintained laboratory for quick assessment and diagnosis of the problem. From hardware damages to accidental deletion of files, Guru Computer can solve all your problems.

Our Data Recovery Services are listed below:

Data Recovery from Hard Drive

A hard drive is the most common storage device today, and data or information from computers, laptops, tablets, and other handheld devices are stored on them. In most situations, these hard disks are reliable, but sometimes they can get damaged. We are experts at recovering lost data from your hard drives.

HDD Recovery on a Laptop

When the HDD fails you may lose the data stored on it. There are many reasons of HDD fail, but our experts help you to recover your data without any loss. We will restore all the data on your hard disk drive.

SSD Data Recovery

Due to the portability of SDD, many people are shifting to SDD than HDD. There are higher chances of SDD damage due to liquids, drop damages, wrong handling, and many more. Our trained specialists will help you to recover data from damaged SSD.

RAID Recovery 

We recovery recovers lost data from all types of critical RAID breakdowns. Our experts will help you to recover the data from a RAID massive of any type. We follow standard methods to give a safe and secured RAID recovery.

Pen Drive Data Recovery

Although pen drives offer better reliability and portability they can be corrupted by viruses because they are commonly used to transfer data from one computer to another. Our data recovery technicians help you to bring back your data right from your pen drive.

Server Data Recovery

The server is the centralized place to store data but server failure leads to a huge data loss. We help you to recover lost data due to all types of server failures.

Mac Data Recovery 

MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac devices require special skills and the best technology to recover data. You need a professional data recovery center like Guru to recover your important data.

CCTV Data Recovery

CCTV video or images are automatically saved in your hard drives, SSD, and other storage devices. But they can lose due to damage to a storage device, accidental formatting, or corruption by a virus. We help you retrieve lost footage from a CCTV camera.

Laptop/Desktop Data Recovery

If you are not able to access your important data from your laptop or desktop, this can be due to PCB damage, head crash scratches on platters or motor failure, etc. In all such cases, you need a professional data recovery service for your data recovery. You can visit Guru Computer for these services.

Mobile Data Recovery

Guru helps you to recover your lost, formatted, corrupted, and damaged mobile data. We have an expert team of specialists for all mobile phone data recovery services. To get back your lost mobile data, you can visit our service center in Kathmandu.

Deleted files Recovery

Sometimes your file may have been deleted accidentally, lost through software errors, or lost due to a virus or other causes. For this, you can contact us, where we use modern tools and experience to recover your irreplaceable deleted files, photos, videos, and other important personal data.

Photo recovery

We provide photo recovery service from memory cards, pen drives, hard drives, USB drives, external hard drives, digital cameras, DSLRs, and many other storage devices.

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