April 24, 2022

FAQ-Laptop Repair

By Guru Solutions in Laptop Repair

1. Are broken laptops reparable in Nepal?

Yes, broken laptops can be easily repaired in Nepal by either replacing the broken part or maintaining the original part as it is. However, it is not a good idea to repair the old and highly damaged laptops because they won’t last long. You can have your broken laptop repaired at Guru Computer Solution

2. How much does it cost to repair the broken laptop?

It depends on the level of damage that occurred to the laptop from the breakdown. A broken laptop might damage your display, keyboard, motherboard, speaker, battery, etc. based on the cost of broken parts, the cost of broken laptop repairing varies.

3. How can I get an overview of the overall cost of my laptop repair?

To get an idea of how much money you have to pay for your laptop repair, you have to know the cost of the damaged part of your laptop, the complexity of repairing, the cost structure of the repair center, etc. After knowing this you can get an idea of the cost associated with your laptop repair.

4. How to know if the laptop is having issues?

To know if the laptop is having problems, you must realize that your laptop is misbehaving and malfunctioning. You might face overheating issues, display problems, charging problems, battery issues, hang problems, sudden shutdowns, blank screens, etc. with your laptop. Facing these and other misbehaves reflects that your laptop is having issues and needs to be repaired.

5. Where can I find the best laptop repair center near me in Kathmandu?

Guru Computers is the best place to repair and maintain your damaged laptop. It is located at Newroad Pipalbot and Thapagaun New Baneshwor. Guru Computers is the best because it has the longest experience and the best expertise in laptop repairing.

6. Why my laptop display turns a random blank?

If your laptop randomly turns blank, you are having issues with your display. To solve this issue, you need to take your laptop to the near laptop repair center and they will check what the problem is and fix the problem.

7. What are the issues monitors might occur?

Laptop and computer monitors might occur issues such as sudden laptop shutdown, noise while turning on, no turn on, blank display, overheating issues, irresponsive multimedia, error code appearance, random crashing, etc. You should solve these issues as soon as possible because being late you might face a bigger problem.

8. Why the laptop battery dies without the plugin?

If your laptop battery doesn’t work without the plugin, then there must be a problem with your battery. The battery might have drained out, dead, or became less durable. In this case, you might have to try to charge it with a new charger, if it still behaves the same, then you must take your laptop repair service and repair the battery or buy a new one.

9. Can laptops be repaired at home?

Well, you can repair some of the minor issues at home such as replacing the battery, replacing the screws, cleaning the laptop, software troubleshooting, etc. but for the other serious issues, you need to consult with the professional laptop repair centers.

10. What are the common issues with laptops?

There are so many issues you might face with your laptop such as
·         Monitor and display issues,
·         Charging and battery durability issues
·         Motherboard issues
·         Camera and speaker issues
·         Sudden shutdown issues
·         Keyboard issues
·         Irresponsive touchpad
·         Software issues
·         Water damage
·         Laptop breakage, etc.

11. Should I repair the old laptop or buy the new one?

It highly depends on the condition and age of your old laptop. If the old laptop needs 60-70% parts repairing and it is more than 5/6 years old, it’s better to buy the new one. But if your laptop is only 1-2 years old and has minor issues, as a rational customer, it’s better to repair the old laptop.

12. How long does it take to repair the laptop display?

Repairing a laptop display takes time ranging from 30 minutes to a few days. It depends on the nature of the problem. In some cases, you even have to replace the old display with a new one and it might take 1 day if the parts are available or might take a few days if parts need to be purchased.

13. How much does a laptop battery cost?

The cost of a laptop battery differs based on the brand, battery quality, and battery size. Generally, a laptop battery costs around Rs. 2500-7000. If you are having any battery issues, it’s better to use the original and branded battery having the warranty.

14. Does a laptop require regular servicing?

Yes, the laptop requires periodic servicing even without any issues. The periodic servicing includes dust cleaning, adding thermal cooling pest, screw tightening, camera, speaker cleaning, etc. If you don’t go for regular laptop servicing, your laptop might face an overheating problem, poor camera pictures, unusual speaker sound, etc.

15. What is the most common issue with the laptop?

Overheating is the most common issue with laptops. It occurs when the thermal cooling pest inside your laptop dries and leads to crashes, freezing, and hiccups. To prevent this, you need to have regular laptop servicing.

16. Why does the laptop run slow and laggy?

Your internal storage must be getting full or your computer has got viruses. Hard Drive Disk space shortage often leads to laggy functioning. The best solution for this is to install the new SSD on your laptop. It makes laptops faster, smooth, and user-friendly.

17. What to consider before choosing a laptop repair center?

Before selecting a laptop repair center, you need to consider experience, expertise, cost structure, warranty provisions, customer feedback, etc.

18. Is there a laptop home repair service in Kathmandu?

Yes, there are laptop home repair service providers in Kathmandu. Out of them, Guru Computers provides the best laptop home repair service. Due to the busy schedule of people, they don’t have time to visit repair centers carrying their laptops. To serve customers, Guru Computers has started to offer laptop home repair service.

19. Are keyboards and batteries reparable?

In most cases, batteries become dead and cannot be repaired and need to be replaced. Similarly, keyboards also need to be replaced if the keys behave irresponsive and provide the wrong command.

20. Is it necessary to replace HDD with SSD?

Well, if your laptop behaves normally and smoothly with HDD, it’s not necessary to install SSD. But if the laptop is laggy, freezing, and misbehaving, you need to install SSD and enjoy the smooth functioning of your laptop.

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