April 24, 2022

FAQ- Mobile repair

By Guru Solutions in Laptop Repair

1. What kind of repair does my broken mobile need?

A broken mobile might damage the mobile screen and touch, body, sensor, camera, mic, speaker, and even IC. Your mobile parts either need to be repaired or in most cases, the broken part needs to be replaced. For this, you need to visit a professional mobile repair center.

2. Where can I have my smartphone repaired in Kathmandu?

In Kathmandu, there are lots of repair centers offering smartphone repairing services. You can visit any one of them, however, not all of them have sufficient capabilities and expertise. Guru Computers also offers a mobile repair service at Newroad Kathmandu.

3. Can I repair my mobile myself at home?

Mobile repairing requires certain tools and machinery and without those, you cannot even disassemble your mobile. So it’s better not to try mobile repairing at home. Doing so, you might damage your mobile even more with wrong handling.

4. Is the mobile battery and charger repairable?

Mobile batteries and chargers are not repairable in Nepal. Repairing the battery and charger costs even more than the new one. That’s why it’s better to replace the battery and buy a new charger.

5. Is the smartphone display worth replacing?

It depends on the age of your mobile because smartphone displays are costly and if your mobile is older, it’s better to buy a new smartphone. However, you can repair the display or replace the display of the mobile purchased a little time ago.

6. Does repaired mobile function like a new one?

Repaired mobiles have new parts and accessories and some of the old parts are maintained. The repaired and replaced parts are not as good quality as the new mobile parts. That’s why we cannot say that the repaired mobiles function like the new ones. However, they can be used until they become useless.

7. Which is the all-brand mobile repair center?

Guru Computers is the all-brand mobile repair service provider in Nepal. We have technicians and parts & accessories for every brand mobile including Samsung, Redmi, Nokia, Hawiye, etc.

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