Graphic Card repair in Nepal
May 8, 2022

Graphic Card repair in Nepal

By Guru Solutions in Laptop Repair

Graphic Card Repair Center In Nepal 

A Graphics card or VGA card is an expansion card used inside the computer which renders images to the motherboard by converting data to signal to display devices. GPU is one of the most important parts of the display. Sometimes it may crash or may turn into out of work due to different reasons like dust, electric socks, and other human mistakes.

When a graphic card fails computer cannot continue the performance. To turn computers into the previous condition you must change or fix the graphic card. If you are on a desktop you can change easily but it becomes costly.

But, if you are using the laptop, and becomes trouble related to the graphic you cannot change at home you must visit the service centers. There are a lot of advanced tools to repair any type of graphics card (embedded or externals) but in Nepal, there is a lack of technology and systems, that’s why most computers become useless after graphic problems.

When graphic cards fail you may ask yourself is any graphic card repair center in Kathmandu? Or any reliable graphic card repair center in Nepal? The answer is yes! Guru computer solution is only for solving your problems.

Not only the graphic repair in Kathmandu but also we have a team and expertise to repair every type of computer part and peripherals.  You can choose us for reliable and guaranteed graphic card repair in Nepal.

Fixing a graphic card is not an easy and simple task it needs advanced machines with operating skills. If any technician is not totally familiar with fixing graphic cards they may be damaged or never repaired. That’s why we need to choose expertise.

Graphic cards repair in Kathmandu’s benefits:

Before choosing us you must know about our services, here is the list of some factors which makes us one of the best graphic card repair centers in Kathmandu, They are:

  • Advance and original equipment manufacturer standard repairing tools.
  • International standard research and repairing lab.
  • Expertise & experienced repairing engineers.
  • Reliable
  • Affordable prices

How to find the graphic card repair center in Kathmandu?

It’s too easy to find us, just open your browser and search ‘graphic card repair in Nepal’ you may find us at the top. Or you can contact us through the different social media platforms.

To contact the graphic card repair center in Nepal please pick up the phone and give a call at +977 9745610310, email us or come and visit us at Newroad, or Guru Institute of engineering and technology- Baneswor to fix your graphic card in Nepal.


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