Monitor Repair in Nepal
April 24, 2022

Monitor Repair in Nepal

By Guru Solutions in Laptop Repair

Monitor Repair in Nepal

The monitor is an output device used for displaying components of animations. In today’s generation, every house has a computer or laptop. The excessive use of pc leads monitor repair here. Monitor repair in Nepal leads to giving employment to much technical skillful manpower. Monitor repair is an easy technique that should be learned by taking courses or using online tutorials.

Guru Computer Solutions is providing the service of monitor repair in Nepal for a decade now. Here we provide the best quality servicing and repairing of your monitor. Moreover, we provide different repairing services for other devices too here in Kathmandu.

Monitor Repair in Kathmandu

Searching for a cheaper and quality servicing and monitor repair in Kathmandu? Then Guru Computer Solutions is the best in business. We are a hardware repairing-based center providing the best repair service for different hardware devices of computers.

The center for monitor repair In Kathmandu is most probably New Road. And we are situated at the heart of Kathmandu and New Road. We have expert and genius technicians from all around the country. Firstly, our technicians inspect the problem related to your monitor and then repair it with modern tools.

Monitor Repair Center near me

If you are searching for a good monitor or hardware repairing center then Guru Computer Solutions is situated at Newroad. The best place for all the hardware and pc repair and servicing around Nepal is Kathmandu, especially Newroad.

Open the google map, search Guru Computer Solutions and leave your monitor with errors here. Come after 24 hours and take home your repaired monitor as new. We are near you for the monitor repair in Kathmandu.

Monitor Repair Cost in Nepal

The cost of monitor repair in Nepal depends upon which brand it is. Guru Computer Solutions is a place where you can repair your monitor at a low price and with high quality.

Why Monitor repair service?

In this busy world of Information Technology, there is a huge use of computers and hardware. Almost every field needs computers nowadays. This huge necessity and use of computer monitors lead to system failure and problems. So, the monitor needs to be maintained and repaired for frequent use.

The monitor repair includes various types of repairs according to the problem that arose. The problem may be either repairable or the monitor should be changed. Guru Computer Solutions is the place where simple as well as advanced types of problems are fetched and solved.

Benefits of choosing us for monitor repair in Nepal

Guru Computer Solutions is the place where you will get all types of repairing services for the monitor as well as other hardware devices also. We are situated at the top with our continuous efforts and services. The main benefits of choosing us as a monitor repair in Nepal are:

  • We provide the services for all types of monitors.
  • Quality parts for repairing LCD, LED and CRT monitors are available.
  • Well trained technicians for repairing.
  • Affordable price.
  • Quality work with care.

Types of problems in monitor

There are different types of problems in the monitor which can be repaired. There is not always a problem with the monitor sometimes any problem in pc may cause trouble in the screen. The simple to advance problems that may create trouble in the monitor are:

  • Blank screen problem
  • Some lines in the display
  • Screen may be blurred
  • Screen stretched or dark screen
  • Frozen screen
  • Automatic turn off and on
  • Not clear images
  • Display errors

Types of monitors:

There are various types of monitors either embedded or unattached. Some of the types of monitors are:

  • CRT monitors
  • LED monitors
  • LCD monitors
  • Touch Screen monitors
  • Plasma Screen Monitors

And the monitors are connected with different types of connectors like VGA, HDMI, USB-C, etc.

Laptop monitor repair in Nepal

The monitor in a laptop is attached to all the functional units of the laptop. It is embedded with the laptop and can be joined to another monitor with the help of connectors. The problem that may arise with a laptop monitor is faint images, blur screen, blank screen, and many more. Guru Computer Solutions is a place to recover all these problems at a very affordable price and within some period.

Desktop monitor repair in Nepal

The desktop uses different types of monitors like CRT in past, LED, and LCD at present. Problems that can be possible on a desktop monitor may be Blank screen problems, screen stretched or dark screen, blurred screen, spots on the screen, and many more.

Guru Computer Solutions gives the service to repair and maintain desktop monitors. The chip-level repair work is done here.

CRT monitor repair in Nepal

In the past, a desktop monitor means CRT monitors with flat body sizes. CRT uses a beam of light that hit the surface of the screen to display an image on the monitor. The problems may be seen in cathode-ray tubes or RGB colors.

Our well-trained technicians put their all efforts and give their best service to solve the problem in your monitor.

LCD monitor repair in Nepal

They are the type of flat-panel monitors having a screen containing liquid crystals. It is a monitor which consumes less power and takes less space compared to other monitors. Our repair contains aligning the particles in a way that the light may hit the backside of the screen.

LED monitor repair in Nepal

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a type of monitor which is widely used at present globally. It is a flat-screen, lightweight and smooth type of monitor which we can find everywhere nowadays. The problem that may arise with this type of monitor is in the LED panels. The problems may be breaking and misplacing of LED light panels inside the monitor.

Touch Screen monitor repair in Nepal

Touch screen monitors are not only the output devices but also the input device. The working mechanism of touch screen monitors includes touching the sensors with either fingers or with touch pens.

We provide the repair service for touch screen monitors. The repair process includes the repair and replacement of the monitor screen.

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