April 26, 2022

Networking Service in Nepal

By Guru Solutions in Laptop Repair

Networking Services in Nepal

The network simply can be defined as the group where the task is to work for a similar goal. And networking services mean services that are provided to a group of people or a company for achieving a common goal. With the increasing information technology services, the use of networking services in Nepal also increased. And to provide the expert network services in Nepal, we, (the Guru Computer Solution) are in service of you.

Guru Computer Solutions is an IT-based repairing and repair training center that provides various types of services to customers. In addition to this, we provide different types of networking services in Nepal. The services include setup for security and surveillance, providing the setup for intranet, routing switching, and so on. Guru Computer Solutions is situated at pipalbot Newroad, Kathmandu since 2010.

Networking Services in Kathmandu

Kathmandu valley is a center of attraction for all types of multidimensional businesses and startups. The facility for all the infrastructures for the company to establish is here in Kathmandu. To set up any business model or company, they need some basic and advanced services. Networking service at any place or company is an essential aspect at present.

Networking services in Kathmandu are in rapid growth. Every large-scale to small-scale company invests in networking services for the company. Security and Surveillance service for the security procedures, task tracking, and observing is used. Whereas, to provide networking facilities, fast server-side, and processing, an intranet is used.

So, in short, the networking service in Kathmandu is rapidly growing. And so does the networking services provider in Kathmandu.

Types of Networking Services in Nepal we provide

Guru Computer Solutions is a high-ranked provider of networking services in Nepal. We here provide the services like CCTV setup, routing-switching for the internet, thin cable clouding service, and Intranet services. Guru Computer Solutions also provides training for networking services in Nepal. All around Kathmandu, we are delivering our services to different companies. The networking services in Kathmandu, we provide are:

CCTV setup services in Nepal

Security and surveillance service we provide include CCTV camera setup. Networking services in Nepal need highly dedicated and technically skilled manpower. And we are here to deliver our skills to make your life easier.

CCTV camera setup requires a network to be built on all the cameras and should be controlled by a single server. Our well-trained and experienced technicians do all the hardware tasks with no damage to the physical properties. After the successful installation of the CCTV cameras and all the wiring, networking is done. The network is then set up within all of the camera devices to connect all the devices.

Networking services setup in Kathmandu

A giant company has a maximum number of working staff in every department. To communicate with different departments or staff, they install a networking system. The networking system uses a unique server to generate communication within a company. Banks, hospitals, hotels, and many multinational companies use networking systems for smooth and non-trafficable communications.

Guru Computer Solutions have the best technical team for providing and setup the network that connects the whole organization. We are a repair and repair training center that provides all the tasks related to networking services in Nepal.

Telephone Networking services in Nepal

An organization with a high number of employers and departments owns a telephone networking service in Nepal. In a big organization, it is difficult to communicate with every section of the department. To make this difficult situation workable, we the Guru Computer Solution give a service to set up telephone networking in Nepal.

The trained technicians of our Guru Computer Solutions set up the telephone networking service in the organizations. The server telephone line is divided using different devices and connected to the client devices. We do the secure and unbreachable networking of your network.

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