April 24, 2022

FAQ of printer repair training

By Guru Solutions in Laptop Repair

1. What is a printer repair training course in Kathmandu?

Printer repair training is the maintenance and repair of computer printers and plotters. This course focus on the diagnosis, repair, and replacement of printer and their components.

2. Where is the best printer repair center in Kathmandu?

The best printer-repair training in Kathmandu is located at pipalbit, new road, Kathmandu. If you need you can find it on Google Maps and contact information as well.

3. How does it cost for printer repair training in Kathmandu?

We provide basic and chip-level printer repair training in Kathmandu and your cost could be 4000 to 25000 Rs for basic and chip-level printer repair training courses respectively.

4. Which is the best printer repair training center in Nepal?

Guru Computer Solution is the best printer-repair training center in Kathmandu, Nepal.  It has experience of ten years and more and provides quality training inside the valley.

5. What are the benefits of a printer repair training course?

Being a printer technician is help you to keep your device safe and operate carefully and after knowing you can also work as a printer repair technician, customer support service, and product manager in a printer showroom.

6. How much can earn from a printer technician in Nepal?

In the context of Nepal, a qualified printer repair technician can earn around 20 to 40 thousand. And a skillful person can run a private business as well.

7. Who can learn printer repair training in Kathmandu?

There is no age boundary to develop skills, however, taking printer repair training should have basic education and self-interest as well.

8. How much time take to learn a printer repair course?

It depends upon you; our targeted time is 1/2 months but how much time do you take to learn. If you don’t manage to learn within the given time, it can be extended as much as you want.

9. How can we find a printer repair training center in Kathmandu?

We are too much friendly with the internet and search engine browser, if you search “Guru Computer Solution”, You can find a map and address there or call us on +977 9745610310 for directory help and support.

10. Is the printer repairing course suitable for Nepal?

Definitely, Nepal is growing in technology and there is a lot of printer user office, shops, and organization. Due to this, there is a high demand for printer technicians in the market in Nepal.

11. which is the best printer repair training center near me?

If you are looking best printer center around you, guru computer solution is the best printer-repair training center in Kathmandu Valley.

12. which are the Top printer repair training centers in Kathmandu?

Quit hard to find a printer-repair training center in Kathmandu, however, Guru institute of engineering and technology, Mero laptop, and Guru Computer are the trusted and leading repairing center in Kathmandu valley.

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