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CCTV camera repair center in Kathmandu, Nepal

Security is the most concern of the people, as per people’s demand security and surveillance gadgets are on the way to rise in the Nepali market in all sectors. The Nepalese market of CC cameras is slightly increasing for small businesses and medium businesses and homeowners are also fascinated with security equipment. Due to the development of technologies security is the prime concern of people as compulsory. Sometimes it seems problems with CCTV cameras such as software, network, and hardware related.

Guru CCTV camera repair center in Kathmandu is only the best place for solving your issue and it makes it easy for you and your businesses. Problems like color problems, horizontal video lines, video are flickering, noisy footage, black screen, no single, and no work at night, and camera device not working as well. Those problems, you may face while using a CCTV camera. We solve your headache with our expert services engineer.

Our technical team identified your problems and fixed them in a better way, we also provide door-to-door service for your CCTV camera set up or installation and repair. CCTV Repair in Kathmandu is giving our services since 2010 and continues working for the best CCTV camera repair in Kathmandu.

We are known as the quality service provider CCTV camera repair center in Kathmandu. Our main aim is to bring a smile to our customer and feels like there is someone who can fix every electronic problem. We had experience in that field for more than a decade, our policy and coordination with customers help us to reach here.

Users may face any problems regarding networking, software, and hardware problems while using the CCTV camera. It may be difficult to continue your work at the instant, you need to fix your matter with a well-experienced technician or service engineer.

There are many CCTV camera models like wireless CCTV cameras, night vision CCTV cameras, 360 rotating cameras, hikvision cameras, digicam mini cube, etc in the Nepali market. Our technicians are familiar with every company like Haier, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Carrier, Panasonic, Philips, Hitachi, Toshiba, Ken star and etc which highly exists in Kathmandu.

Introduction to CCTV Camera repair  in Kathmandu

Every aspect of the markets is interesting to install CCTV cameras in their business for various purposes. It is used for security purposes and to keep the efficacy of workers and keep a recording of their previous performance. CCTV camera is not just for banks and shopping centers. The demand for CCTV cameras is increasing for small shops and even from a retailer.

Generally, we can see cameras in our Kathmandu valley’s street, bus park, a small park, and rental colonies as well. Increasing cameras on market are good, but there is a problem with repairing center for customers like software, hardware, and networking-related issues.

Software and networking-related problems like color problems, video frisking, noisy footage, and black screen and other hardware problems like camera cracking, monitor, and hard disk may occur. For those types of problems, we came there to your location and try to fix there. If not possible at your location, we bring your device to our shop, and our service in three-level cc camera repair given by guru computer solution are mentioned below;

Basic level CCtv camera servicing in Kathmandu

CCTV camera repair center in Kathmandu provides basic level repairing service by guru computer solution. Basic issues like cleaning and maintenance, fixing cable, remote controlling problem, no IP address configuration, rebooting the device, resetting the camera.  If you face this problem, we do not need to bring your cameras to our shop. These can be fixed as a basic level servicing at your location. Some of the basic level issues may contain in the tour device are listed below;

  • Forgotten Username or Password
  • Picture Not Displaying In-Camera
  • Camera Not Recording
  • Bright Spots on the Monitor
  • Starting and Annoying False Alarms
  • Troubleshooting – Check Settings
  • Not working at night time

Advance Level of Cctv camera repairing

This is a bit complex level of repairing if the problem is not shot out in basic level repairing, we have to move on an advanced level. Our service engineers and technical experts can only find the issue and fix it. Some problems like the crack of the desktop screen, hard disk not supporting, camera lens, housing, mounts.

If your device is running out of warranty claims, you need to maintain those parts. We support you by bringing your device to our workshop, and we fixed it with advanced tools and machines via our service engineer. Some of the problems you may face in the advanced level of service are listed below;

  • Wire problem
  • Housing problem
  • Monitor problem
  • Camera holder problems
  • Hard disk not supporting
  • Not opening the camera
  • Data lose

Core level CCTV camera for repairing

This is the final level of repairing your device and this is complicated as well as the previous one. On this level, you may have to replace parts of your camera or maybe the camera as well. To solve that kind of problem need to update with the latest technology and should have advanced levels of repairing tools and spheres parts. Guru computer solution is capable to provide you with all solutions in one place. You may experience a problem on the core level like

  • Sensor problem
  • Device failure
  • Detection problem
  • Parts replacement
  • Monitor display problem

The Importance of CCTV Repair in Nepal

Close-circuit television is known for better security solutions for our homes and business. Despite being quality cameras, sometimes we have to face glitches on cameras which can affect the system. Servicing can analyze the problem and help to increase the camera’s life and healthy performance of surveillance of your system.

Cleaning the camera’s lens will prevent making grime that could hinder the performance of the camera’s devices. We recommended you keep all the service records for your easy servicing schedule. If you experience any issue regarding cameras, please don’t forget to contact the technical expert and CCTV repair in Kathmandu. Guru computer solution is the best CCTV repair in Kathmandu it is continuously giving CCTV repair in Nepal since 2010.

How to Find CCTV Repair in Kathmandu with the Best Results?

Trusting everyone is a hard job for customers, you need to find the best CCTV repair in Kathmandu for a better solution to your problem. Our guru computer solution is here for your better experience and quality services. If you are in Kathmandu valley and suffering from cameras problems you can search CCTV repair service near me. We will be available there for you and you can just contact us. Our service engineer and technical staff will solve your problems as soon as possible.

CCTV Camera repair in Kathmandu | Different Brands

GURU Solution offers repairing and maintenance services of CCTV cameras to our customers all over Kathmandu. Our expert technician will fix all kinds of CCTV camera-related problems in the most effective ways.

Nowadays, security has become one of the main concerns for all. It is necessary to have a strong as well as a reliable security system in our home or business. CCTV helps in ensuring the safety of family as well as your employees. However, any problems with the CCTV camera can hamper your security. Therefore, when a thing goes wrong in your CCTV system, have you ever asked yourself, Is there any good “CCTV repair service near me ” or any “CCTV repair near me” that is reliable.

The answer is yes! As we maintain OEM standards with ESD compliant workspaces. Guru computer solution can repair any brand’s CCTV repair in Kathmandu. Our CCTV camera Repair in Kathmandu’s services is spread all over Nepal so you can connect with us from everywhere in the country.

We maintain all most every brand of CCTV. Some of them are as follows:

Hikvision CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu

Hangzhou-based Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2001 is a global supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. With the partnership with the Chinese government, the company is able to establish itself as a trusted and preferred brand in Nepal and global security solutions.

If you are experiencing issues with your current CCTV system, Hikvision CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu can help. Our CCTV Camera repair technicians have training, tools, and experience to service all of your CCTV camera-related issues/problems. Our repairs can take place at any type of business premise, no matter the size or location.

Hikvision CCTV camera models we service include:

  • Hikvision 4MP ColorVu Fixed Bullet Network
  • Hikvision 4MP Outdoor WDR Fixed Bullet
  • Hikvision 4K Powered-by-DarkFighter Varifocal
  • Hikvision 5 MP Varifocal Dome Network Camera etc.

Hikvision CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu can assist with all aspects of CCTV repairs services including:

  • CCTV fault finding
  • Issues with video servers and streaming images
  • Poor quality, flickering, or blinking from CCTV camera footage
  • Problems with a power supply to CCTV systems
  • Replacement of worn or damaged components

CP Plus CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu

Fully owned by Indian entrepreneurs, the parent company, Aditya Infotech Limited, established itself in the year 1994 as a Technology player. AIL launched CP PLUS, almost a decade & a half back, catering to the security needs of India; bringing innovation at ease, with affordability & reliability. CP PLUS is the global leader in advanced security & surveillance solution.

CP Plus CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu is one of the leading CCTV camera repair service centers based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer all kinds of repairs related to CCTV cameras. Our mission is to ensure that we are always able to properly analyze the problem in your CCTV and solve it with the most efficient and effective technology, equipment, and products available in order to deliver to you a level of satisfaction.

CP Plus CCTV camera models we service include:

  • CP Plus 2 MP Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera
  • 2MP IP Dome Camera
  • Cp Plus Cctv Camera Set – 4 Channel Dvr With 2 Dome Camera Along

Dahua CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is a partially state-owned publicly traded company based in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, which sells video surveillance products and services. It was founded and controlled by Fu Liquan. In 2018, Dahua acquired the security video camera company Lorex.

Dahua CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu is a well-known CCTV camera repair center in Kathmandu. No Worry about how big or small the problem is, we help you to get your device working smoothly and fine just as possible with the help of our specially skilled and experienced team of expert techies in order to provide customers with cost-effective and quick solutions.

Dahua CCTV camera models we service include:

  • Dahua dome lite series camera
  • Dahua 4mp dome IR network camera
  • Dahua 2mp bullet full-color network camera
  • Dahua 2mp fixed IR bullet IR network camera
  • Dahua eyeball HDCVI camera 2mp-hdw1200tp-z-a
  • Dahua 2mp dome full-color analog camera with built-in mic

D-Link CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu

D-Link Corporation is a Taiwanese multinational networking equipment manufacturing corporation headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. It was founded in March 1986 in Taipei as Datex Systems Inc. Its business products include switches, surveillance network cameras, firewalls, iSCSI SANs, business wireless, etc.

D-Link CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu is a professional and experienced CCTV camera repairing service provider in Kathmandu. We have certified and experienced CCTV camera repair technicians available in our center. They can easily find your device problem and make a final decision to solve your problem at the best and most reasonable pricing.

D-Link CCTV camera models we service include:

  • DCS-P6000LH
  • DCS-6100LH
  • DCS-6500LH
  • DCS-8300LHV2
  • DCS-8302LH
  • DCS-8330LH
  • DCS-8350LH etc.

EZVIZ CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu

Established in 2013, EZVIZ dedicates itself to creating a safe, convenient, and smart life for users through its intelligent devices, cloud-based platform, and AI technology. The innovative products and services from EZVIZ can be applied to homes, workplaces, stores, schools, and more.

EZVIZ CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu is a well-renowned CCTV camera repair center in Kathmandu. We offer CCTV camera repair services to both commercial and domestic clients. Our team handles all kinds of problems related to your CCTV cameras. We have advanced tools to deliver high-quality repair services. We ensure to offer speedy and professional services.

Ezviz CCTV camera models we service include:

  • EZVIZ LC1C etc.

Prolink CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu

Prolink Computer Inc, established in 1990 in California, headquarter-PMC a publically owned company in Taiwan- was a leading manufacturer and distributor of PC-based peripheral products. Prolink Computer Inc has emphasized innovative design with advanced hi-tech chip utilization. Prolink CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu is a specialist in offering an express repair service for CCTV camera repair. We are experts in fixing CCTV camera problems. We only use the highest quality replacement parts so your CCTV will work exactly as it should.

Prolink CCTV camera models we service include:

  • Prolink Wireless Ip Camera
  • Prolink Wireless Ip Camera Dual Lens
  • Prolink Full-Hd Wireless Ip Camera

Uniview CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu

Uniview started video surveillance early in 2005 and was founded independently in 2011. Instead of choosing an easy way, Uniview started with IP video surveillance, which was the first manufacturer in China.

Uniview CCTV Camera Repair Center in Kathmandu is a professional CCTV camera repair center located in Kathmandu, Nepal. We got many years of experience in the CCTV camera repairing field. We have been providing high-quality CCTV camera repair services all over Kathmandu. We ensure to complete the job on time and in an efficient way.

Uniview CCTV camera models we service include:

  • Mp Fixed Dome Network Camera
  • 4Mp Fixed Dome Network Camera
  • 2Mp Bullet Network Camera
  • 2MP Star Light Vandal-resistant Network Fixed Dome Camera
  • 2Mp Vandal-Resistant Fixed Dome Network Camera
  • 4Mm/4Mp Fixed Dome Network Camera etc.

Co-ordinate service centers for laptop repair in Nepal

Guru Computer Solution has many coordinated service centers all over Nepal. Our coordinate service center provides different other services like mobile repair, printer repair, desktop repair, projector repair, and CCTV repair in Kathmandu. Our coordinate service centers are listed as follows:

  • Mero Laptop, Newroad- Mero Laptop especially provide all repairing services related to laptops or computers.
  • Nepguru, New Baneshwor- Nepguru is a training institute that provides different types of training related to electronic devices, software, programming language, etc.
  • Dell Service Nepal, Newroad- Dell Service Nepal is the dell service center located in Kathmandu.  They provide all the services related to dell laptops from selling laptops and their parts to repairing them.
  • Apple Care Nepal, Newroad- Apple Care Nepal is specialized in repairing all kinds of problems related to apple-related products like iPhone,  Mac, iPad, etc.
  • Guru Mobile, Tamrakar Complex- Guru Mobile is expert in repairing smartphone and tablets related problems. IT has a team of trained technicians and professional engineers to sort out all kinds of issues on your mobile.

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Conclusion & disclaimer:

Increasing technology CCTV cameras play a vital role in a serious issue, it has more advantages than disadvantages. Installing CCTV cameras in public areas is one of the positive steps toward people’s security. For example, United Arabs Emirates has a low crime rate in the world because of its great security cameras networks.

We provide pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services for laptops and other electronic gadgets through online and offline modules. We have been able to gain professionalism and expertise in so many things. We also provide other repairing services like laptop repairing, printer repairing, desktop repairing, projector repairing, etc.

In the contrast, it has some disadvantages for people. It may affect people’s privacy and personal life. We hereby declare that GURU Solution is the best service center in Kathmandu certified by CTEVT and working in the market since 2010. We are responsible for the things which are mentioned on our website such as three-level of servicing, delivery service, etc.

In conclusion, we recommend to installed camera security inappropriate places such as the banking sector, schools, hospitals, bus stations, commercial shops, and house boundaries as well. And we would also like to suggest that service your device regularly for better performance and long terms use by professional technicians and servicing centers in Nepal/Kathmandu. It will protect your valuable assets, propriety, business, etc.

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