Laptop Repair Center in Kathmandu, Nepal

laptop and Computer are private devices that can be used in different places and it is portable devices. it is an essential item to carry around for most people, including students and businessmen. Therefore, when things have gone wrong, have you ever asked yourself, are there any good “Laptop repair center in Kathmandu ” or any “Laptop repair near me” that is reliable.

The answer is yes! As we maintain OEM standards with ESD-compliant workspaces. Guru computer solutions can repair any brand like AppleASUSHPLenovoMicrosoftMSIDellAcer and etc. laptops in Kathmandu. Laptop Repair Center in Kathmandu’s services is spread all over Nepal so you can connect with us from everywhere in the country.

Has the laptop gone broken or down?  Don’t worry! Our qualified, service engineers will bring it back to life. We diagnose and repair all laptop issues, from simple to complex recoveries completed in Kathmandu. We are very quick, professional, and convenient for work.

You can come to our laptop service center in Kathmandu, or we’ll come to your location for fixing any kind of computer or laptop problem. We can pick up, repair, and drop back your devices to your doorstep whether you’re at the office or home it doesn’t matter.

Nowadays sales of computers and laptops are increased in Nepal including Kathmandu valley due to the growth of the income level of people. Some of the popular laptops and computer provider companies are covers the Nepalese market and satisfy people by proving the required features and functionality.

As we know, all electronic devices need servicing in time for their long life and better performance. when any devices are broken or fail to work properly we’ll search for the best ‘repairing center near me’, inside Kathmandu, you don’t have to worry about searching for the best laptop repairing center in Kathmandu. The laptop price in Nepal is also high due to the requirements and functionality to meet the advanced technology in the world.

Introduction to Chip level repair in Kathmandu

Computer repairing is the process of identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving problems related to the computer. It is the systematic process of fixing errors that comes in computers. Problems that typically require computer repair include hardware components, software, and network connectivity problems. Hardware-based computer repairing includes random access memory (RAM), hard disk, power supply, or optical drive repairing.

Software-based computer repair includes operating system configuration or updates, installed applications, viruses, and other software services. Similarly, network-based computer repairing includes updating firmware devices on router switch, configuring a router, etc. An experienced laptop technician is needed for fast fixing problems. Laptop fixing is divided into 4 categories are:

1. Basic level Servicing

In the first level of laptop servicing, if you are facing trouble such as Screen being broken, battery damage, simple driver’s issues, operating system installation, and another device failure we will fix your device within an hour. If you have general knowledge about laptop issues you can solve them yourself after having some knowledge about them you don’t need to visit our shop. But we talk about internal servicing and fixing trouble you need to visit the laptop repair center in Kathmandu.

2. Component Level servicing

In the second level of laptop servicing, after analyzing problems of the computer from our technician if it doesn’t solve from a basic level,  will try to diagnose the problem from the component level it needs technical and electronic knowledge to fix components. Using Multi-meter, CRO, and other devices we will analyze every problem of different components like Battery, CPU, Fan, Screen, Adapters, Keyboards, and other parts. After finding component failures we will fix them. You can visit our laptop service center in Kathmandu for any kinds of problems coming from components.

3. Circuit Level Troubleshooting | Motherboard repair

This is a more technical and expert level for finding troubles and fixing them. After checking the device if we can’t solve it the component level fixing laptop repairing center in Kathmandu will check every circuit from the motherboard. For this level of fixing technicians, laptop technicians should be expertise and well-trained by the best institution. The technician must know how all laptop sections perform like:  charging, Wi-Fi, screen, RAM Chip and RAM Slot, CPU Chip and Socket, PCI Slots, ROM Chip, Accelerated Graphics Port, North & South Bridge.

The technician who works in circuit-level they must know to operate an advanced level toolset. Like BIOS programmer, DC Power Supply, oscilloscope machine, and other devices and instruments. For fixing laptop advanced-level issues.

4. Chip Level Laptop Repair

This is the fourth and top level of laptop repairing which is only one core level of repairing service provided by the laptop service center in Kathmandu (Guru Computer Solution ). For diagnosing a motherboard we have to it is an advanced-level motherboard diagnosis process. It is also called the top-level laptop repair process.  Necessary to a deep knowledge of laptop error fixing.

The motherboard repair skill is needed for it. Changing different chipsets like CPU, PCH, Microcontroller, and graphic chipsets. Experienced skilled technician needed for this troubleshooting task.

Which is the best computer repair center in Kathmandu?

Guru Computer solution is the best place for all computer-related problems. The advanced laptop service center in Kathmandu started to provide services in 2010 so we go 11 years of expertise in the field of computers. We got a certified team for laptop repair in Kathmandu with wide experience and quality service. All the problems are solved by highly expert technicians using the latest technology. We provide genuine parts for your computers at the most affordable price with a no-fee policy and no service charge.

The computer and laptop repair center in Kathmandu provides 100 percent data privacy and 3 monthly warranty on repair service. We also provide pickup and delivery services if necessary. If you are looking for the best laptop shop in Kathmandu, you can simply search ” Laptop repair center near me”, you will find us on google.

Why is Guru Computer the best Computer and laptop repair center in Nepal?

We are living in a computer technology-dominated era where almost every work can be done with the help of laptops and computers. Since users of the laptop are more, it is obvious that the demand for a laptop repair center in Kathmandu is also higher. There are lots of laptop repair centers in Kathmandu offering different kinds of laptop repairing services. However, most of them lack in requirements of a laptop repair center. A certified laptop repair center requires professional technicians, necessary types of machinery and equipment, a sophisticated laboratory, and other things.

It has been discovered that there is no proper laptop repair center in Kathmandu or throughout Nepal. We offer a world-class Computer and laptop repair center in Kathmandu with extensive professional experience in computer repairing the field. With excellent efficiency and care, we repair every brand of laptop. According to studies conducted in the Nepalese laptop and desktop market, there is a high demand for a laptop repair center in Kathmandu with professionals and specialists in the field.

However, there isn’t many laptop repair center in Kathmandu with qualified technicians. Some benefits of choosing us for laptop repair are:

  • All of the technicians are well-trained and certified.
  • Since we value your time, we ensure more than 75% of complex repairing on the same day if parts are available.
  • We are the least cost chargers in the market.
  • We use only branded and original parts and accessories.
  • We offer an extensive warranty/guarantee on most of our services.
  • We are available in many places inside the Kathmandu valley.
  • We value your time and money and hence our primary objective is to provide you with the best value for your money.

laptop repair center in Kathmandu | Unique Features 

You will be amazed by our unique features and service procedure because we serve our customers in the best possible manner. What customers expect from a laptop service center in Kathmandu is timely and quality laptop repairing. We have developed our service process in such a way that it exactly fits the customer’s expectations.

whenever you are looking for the No.1 laptop repair center in Nepal, we’re here for your solution. You can contact us from your search engines because all the branches of different locations are available on websites, social media, or other communication platforms. It doesn’t matter where you want to contact us we are available everywhere and every moment with a fully active and responsive team

Our unique features have gained the trust of the customers and that’s why Guru Computer Solution is a well-known Computer and laptop repair center in Kathmandu. Whether it is about time, cost, quality, customer responsiveness, or service variety, we are the most unique computer repairing service provider in Kathmandu. Some features are listed below:

  • Mac or Windows. No problem – Our engineers are too much closer with every repairing tool and machine and are fully qualified to fix different hardware & software bugs in MacBook. When you need to repair any type of laptop in Nepal don’t forget the name of the guru computer solution.
  • Quick Diagnose and repair laptops.- Guru solution guaranteed with the customer we’ll diagnose and fix the issues with your device on the spot. Our laptop service center in Kathmandu is well-stocked with all the approved, quality spares we need to complete your job as quickly as possible. This is a guarantee from ‘laptop repair center in Kathmandu’ we will diagnose your device on the spot.
  • Data recovery– Data recovery is the process of accessing and recovering lost or corrupted data. It includes accidental deletion or overwriting of files, corrupted, failed, or inaccessible storage media when normal data access methods cannot be executed. The laptop repair center in Kathmandu has an expert team that helps you to restore your damaged data with multiple service options and advanced technology, we offer the best available option for laptop data recovery.
  • Reliable Laptop Repair. No Extra Cost You never compromise on repairing your laptop, we also never compromise with our valuable customers’ devices. Never worry about the cost of our services because we only charge the price if and only we make sure that your device is working properly. There is no extra cost charged in the name of services, only pay for your work done.
  • Trust us to do it better-We Maintain an OEM standard maintenance lab with CTEVT Certified service engineers. We value your valuable assets to leave with us and serve in polite and friendly environments. If you are busy with your work but you have to repair your laptop, then we are the better option for you because we provide pick up and drop facilities. Do not hesitate to come with us, you are going to choose the best laptop repair center in Kathmandu.
  • Guarantee your privacy while repairing- We all have privacy in our life and it may lick from someone, it may be from repairing center, hacking, or from anywhere. We care about the data of your laptops. You don’t have to worry about those things, feel comfortable working with us. We always keep safety in repairing time and it has no chances for data loss. We never use your personal storage like hard disk, SSD, email, Cloud and etc.
  • You pay less. We work faster.- Guru Computer Solution ensures more than 90% of complex repairing on the same day if parts are available which saves your time. You don’t have to pay any charge until your problem is not fixed. We also offer you quality services at the most affordable price with a no-fee policy and no service charge.
  • AMC Contract – Our laptop repair center in Kathmandu provides an annual maintenance contract for those organizations who are the bulk amount of electronic assets like laptops, pc, photocopy machines, CC cameras and etc. We provide computer and laptop repair services in Kathmandu and you can also contact us from everywhere inside Nepal. Organizations like banks, schools, colleges, Institutions, educational consultancy, government offices, and other organizations as well. We provide service at a time with effective cost according to your device.
  • Office Setup Contract- The laptop repair center in Kathmandu provides all of the services, we have also a well-trained team for a new set-up for your office and organization. If you are looking for the original and quality device for your office don’t forget to contact us. We always believe in customer satisfaction and quality of work. We offer computer set-up, CC camera fitting, Networking, printer set-up, and other work-related work in the IT field.

laptop repair center in Kathmandu| Services

Laptops and computers are used in the Nepalese market in numerous works like Education, Banking Services, Home, Communications, Students, hospitals, Business, Business Marketing, Data Storage, gaming, and Government agencies. according to researchers, a laptop loses more than 30% of its efficiency of performance if you are using it without servicing.

The common problems faced  by computer repair centers in Kathmandu :

We have goodwill in the field of a computer repair center in Kathmandu of different brands such as Dell, Lenovo, Acer, HP, Mac, and other brands as well. We offer computer and laptop repair services in Kathmandu along with home service. The laptop repair center in Kathmandu focuses on providing the best value for money to our customers. Laptop Repair Center in Kathmandu offers very genuine parts and accessories with an extensive warranty and hence you can trust our service quality.

  • Display/screen crack repair and replacement
  • Keyboard repair and replacement
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Battery repair and replacement
  • CPU Repair and maintenance
  • Fan repair and replacement
  • Adapter replacement at the laptop service center in Kathmandu
  • RAM/SSD upgrade/Running slow issue solution
  • Water and breakage repair and maintenance
  • Heating problem solution
  • Touchpad repair and replacement
  • Laptop camera and speaker repair and replacement
  • Other repairing services
  • Laptop screen repair and touch repair
  • LCD cable repair
  • DC Power Jack repair
  • Motherboard repair and replacement.

Guru computer solution is one of the best computer repair centers in Kathmandu. not only the Computer guru provides different services related to electronic gadgets we are providing different repairing services here like:

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