CCTV Operator Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

The world is at the pace of technological, industrial, business, and IT growth. The bigger the industry and the business, the higher the risk and more will be the demand for the security instruments. CCTV is one of the most trusted security instruments in the world. In every business, corporate, and even personal house security, we can see the use of CCTV cameras or video surveillance systems.

In most of the private as well public places, we see a board stating ‘You are in the surveillance of CCTV Camera’. IT shows the bigger size of the CCTV camera market, and when there is a higher demand for CCTV camera surveillance, higher will be the demand for the surveillance technicians. Nepal is getting bigger and stronger in terms of IT, business, and technology. The demand for CCTV camera surveillance is everywhere and thus CCTV surveillance system technicians have a great market and future in Nepal as well.

CCTV  Operator Training  in Kathmandu|| Couse overview

Out of several technical courses, the CCTV operator training course is one of the most demanded training courses in Nepal. Many institutes are offering this CCTV operator training course in Kathmandu. This is purely a technical course that enables the trainees from installation, administration, operation, accessibility, to support of the CCTV cameras. This course has the professionalism in its nature so that taking the CCTV surveillance operator training could be your best decision. However, most of the institutes offering this course are not efficient enough to offer quality training services.

They lack in terms of the learning environment, necessary types of machinery and equipment, and expert trainers.  In Kathmandu, Guru Computer Solution is the best CCTV Operator Training Course provider. Don’t miss the market opportunity of working as a CCTV Operator by joining the CCTV Operator course at Guru Computer Solution. CCTV Operator training center in Kathmandu offers two level of course that are basic levels and advanced level of CCTV Camera operator Training in Kathmandu.

Nepal is a growing market for CCTV cameras as the need for security has far increased in comparison to the past. From government offices, private offices, corporate houses, hotels and restaurants, public places, to private residences, Nepalese have started to use CCTV surveillance systems for the security of their assets and properties. This indicates that there is a huge market for CCTV surveillance system technicians in Nepal as well.

To meet the demand for CCTV surveillance technicians, Guru Solution offers a dedicated CCTV Camera operator Training  in Kathmandu. Guru Solution is the highest-ranked institute for the dynamic range of technical pieces of training in Nepal. Our training course for CCTV surveillance keeps continuously updating as a new technology in CCTV enters the Nepalese market. Guru Solution has the latest CCTV surveillance training course in Nepal.

It has a sophisticated laboratory with all the necessary types of machinery and equipment needed for the training sessions. Our trainers are practitioners of real-world CCTV camera surveillance having a long experience in this field. The learning environment offered by Guru solution is homely and incompatible. As it is a purely technical course, most of the sessions are fully practical.

  • Our unique features for CCTV surveillance system training course are,
  • Updated course syllabus
  • Trainers are real-world practitioners with great experience
  • Dedicated laboratory with necessary machinery and equipment
  • Homely learning environment
  • Mostly practical sessions
  • Internship and job opportunities in between and after the training completion
  • Verified training certification
  • Both online and offline training provisions
  • Most affordable fee structure

With all these unique features, Guru Solution is surely your best choice for the CCTV camera Surveillance system training in Nepal.

Online CCTV  Operator Training in Kathmandu

People are busy these days as we all are in hurry for our life kinds of stuff. In this busy schedule, what if anyone wishes to gain some technical skills from home? This question triggered Guru Solution and as a result, Guru started to offer the CCTV Operator online training course in the heart of Kathmandu. Situated at the Pipalbot, Newroad.

Guru solution offers several kinds of technical training courses and one of them is the Online CCTV Camera Operator Training Course. Guru Solution values its customers’ time and thus we welcome you at Guru Computer Solution if you wish to be a CCTV camera Operator by gaining CCTV Operating skills through our online training course.

Benefits of CCTV Operator Training in Kathmandu 

CCTV Camera Surveillance System Training is purely a technical and practical course, which is designed to provide in-depth technical knowledge and skills to the students about CCTV Surveillance. People possessing the CCTV surveillance training become the experts of CCTV surveillance System designing, installation, and troubleshooting. Joining a technical course like CCTV surveillance training has various benefits to the students.

The major benefits of CCTV camera surveillance system training are,

  • It is a purely technical course and technical skills never go out of trend.
  • There are no prerequisites for joining this course, i.e. no formal education degree is required to join this training course.
  • There are no demographic restrictions, i.e. people with any age group or other demographic characteristics can join this course.
  • The Nepalese market is a growing market and thus there is a huge demand for CCTV-related technicians in the Nepalese markets.
  • There will be real-time learning, i.e. At Guru Solution, every theoretical class will have a practical session immediately.
  • Higher career opportunities at different sectors such as CCTV industries, CCTV repairing centers, CCTV training centers, Electronic shops, and own startups.

CCTV Surveillance Technician Certification

Guru Solution offers both CCTV technical level training courses and CCTV engineer level training courses. The technical level training course includes all of the essential topics and the engineering level course covers the essential topics along with advanced CCTV knowledge, accessibility, and administration.

After the completion of both the courses, you will be awarded the technical level course certification and engineer level course certification. Both the certificates are CTEVT approved certificates, which are the best-qualified certificates in the Nepalese market. Having a CTEVT approved CCTV surveillance certificate in the hands is the best-known training reward for any of the students.

Scope and Career of CCTV operator training course in Kathmandu

Technician skills are evergreen skills and especially if you are a modern-day technician, you will never get out of trend. When we talk about Nepal, the businesses, education sectors, corporate houses are getting advanced and bigger. Almost all of the sectors use CCTV cameras for the security of their assets.

It means that there is a high demand for CCTV camera operators in Nepal. If you have CCTV operator skills along with a certificate from CCTV operator training  center in Kathmandu, you have a very bright future in the Nepalese as well as the international market.

You can get jobs in CCTV repair centers, CCTV training centers, electronic shops, CCTV operator institutes and you can even open your CCTV repair and Surveillance service providing center. Besides that, Guru Solution never leaves its students on their own after the completion of the training courses.

We offer you internship opportunities at renowned companies and service centers. Most of the time, we even offer you job opportunities in companies and electronic centers. So don’t miss the opportunity of taking the CCTV Operator training course at Gur Computer Solution.

Book Now

Guru Computer Solution is a big name in the field of technical training courses in Nepal. At every new batch of training, we face a long queue of students willing to join us for the training courses. If you want to be one of our students for the CCTV operator Training center in Kathmandu, get fast to book the seat as the bookings are open now and we have limited seats available. Get ready, and book the seats quickly for both physical and online CCTV operator training in Kathmandu.

By booking on time, you can secure your seat so that you don’t have to go through any difficulty in joining the classes. Being late for booking may cause you to lose the training course.

Contact Details

CCTV operator training center in Kathmandu is located at Pipalbot Newroad, Kathmandu. You can contact us through email, Viber, what’s the app, or even direct phone calls. For more details, visit our website of Guru Solution. Our staff and technicians are eagerly waiting for your contacts. We wholeheartedly welcome you to our institute for any kind of training course.

CCTV operator training center in Kathmandu | Other Related services

Guru Computer Solution is not limited only to offering a CCTV operator training in Kathmandu. We also offer various other technical services through our coordinated service centers. Our services range from CCTV repairing service, CCTV repair training service, Laptop repair service, Laptop repair training service, Advanced mobile repair training service, Basic mobile repair training services, mobile repair services, Projector repair and training services, Printer repair and training services, Other gadget repair and training services.

We offer these all services through our coordinated service centers located in different places in Kathmandu. Our coordinate service centers are Mero Laptop, Nepguru, Dell Service Nepal, Apple Service Nepal, and Mobile Repair Center.




Recent FAQ

CCTV operator center in Kathmandu is located at PIPALBOT, Newroad, Kathmandu, We look forward to welcoming you here and we promise to provide the best training.

To find us is quite simple either online or our Institutions, you can just google us as a “Guru Computer Solution”, We will be available there with our contact details and location map as well.

A closed-circuit television operator training course is taught to watch screens in the control center by using a keyboard or joystick to operate the cameras remotely. And have to record and store videos safely.

It has various scope in this field such as camera screen control centers, Authorized government agencies, shopping malls, Airports, etc.

Guru computer solution is the best CCTV operator training center in Kathmandu along with other technical courses like laptops, printers, projectors, and other repair training courses.

It decides on your interest and your capability, there is no age boundary on adapting the CCTV operator training course in Kathmandu, however, it needs to have basic education qualifications.


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