CCTV repair Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Modern technology has paved the way for different multi-functional devices there are lots of devices one of them being CCTV (Closed-circuit television) cameras. It is a security monitor system that enables us to always keep a watchful eye around or in our business because CCTV allows us to view live events. Therefore CCTV is used for security purposes. For long are and quality of the system we need to maintain and service in time.  To keep pace with this technological development, in Nepal Guru solution started CCTV training and CCTV repair training in Kathmandu.

Our practical CCTV camera repair certification course is delivered by well-trained experts and industry specialists. The course CCTV repair training in Kathmandu covers CCTV surveillance system design, installation, and troubleshooting. We educate and train our students with the help of advanced and latest equipment. As we know it is also one of the most profitable skills for a career.

Providing high security to businesses is not an easy job for any human being. CCTV cameras become the most effective ways to provide security for any type of business. Because of its many reasons like 100% real-mode video surveillance, reliability, and accountability

CCTV camera repair training center in Kathmandu

CCTV camera is a prime concern of many organizations, small to large business, and home as well. With this in mind, we have been giving CCTV camera repair training in Kathmandu for over 10 years. There are high demands of CCTV cameras in the market for business security, efficient work, and watching employer activities. So, there are high chances of getting highly paid jobs like camera installment, CCTV camera repair, IT technician, etc.

Guru computer solution has a unique identity in providing CCTV repair training in Kathmandu. Finding an authentic and trustworthy training institution is quite a hard job for students who are interested in training. The only theory that has never been successful in the technical field, we offer practical-oriented training classes and we execute on solving lived problems.

Guru computer solution is a place where you can explore your talent in the area of your interest not only CCTV camera repair training, we offer different types of courses like laptop, projector, printer repair training in Kathmandu. We always keep faith in our training and focus on students’ growth and good careers.

CCTV repair training in Kathmandu | Course Overview

CCTV repair training in Kathmandu is providing a basic and advanced level of repairing course. Guru computer solution has always been better at arranging pieces of knowledge and repair skills course over the year and year. We have an advanced updated laboratory, practical on daily basis work, and dealing with real-time problems of the CCTV camera.

Our course supports the technical skills of students and we provide job replacement, career counseling, business support, and lifetime backup as well. In addition, if you enrolled in this course from guru computer solution, you will get extra benefits of taking basic knowledge of computer hardware and software. You will get career support from our teams and experts.

CCTV repair training in Kathmandu is not only about maintenance and troubleshooting. We also offer other technical ideas, business skills, maintenance contracts with other companies, better communication, etc. After completion of this course, you will be awarded CTEVT certificated with basic and advanced repair training.

1. Basic level of CCTV repair training

Generally, the basic level of training lies in the first level of CCTV repair training. In this phase, you will learn the basic level of repairing students understand the basic aspects of CCTV cameras, Installation process, and maintenance skills.

After completion of the basic course with us, students will be able to reboot the camera, verify camera power and connection, check ARP tables, check camera pings, Check cables, etc. You are allowed to access the basic level of CCTV repair training in Kathmandu from below.

2. Advanced level of CCTV repair training

The term advanced is quite complex and depth as compared to the basic level of repair training course. In this phase, you will learn everything about cameras, either hardware or software it doesn’t matter. We provide genuine courses by our experts/engineers with practical in different brands of CCTV cameras because the mechanism of the camera can be different according to brands and company.

Guru computer solutions provide all the required techniques and ideas for solving the basic and complex issues of CCTV cameras. At the chip level of training, we teach the students about complex problems like the motherboard of the camera, monitor motherboard, and data recovery.

In addition, the students will be able to operate different kinds of machines that are used for finding issues and defects of cameras. After completion of advanced levels of CCTV repair training in Kathmandu from guru computer solution. You will be able to fix the following issues;

  • Noise Reduction in CCTV Camera
  • Humming Problem
  • Installing the long-distance camera
  • Two or more DVRs AT the same screen
  • Can’t connect to IP
  • False Alarms
  • Visual is blurred
  • Image/video are dark
  • LEDs are not lighting
  • Upgrade firmware
  • Factory reset camera
  • Hard Disk problem
  • Monitor problem
  • Data backup

Which is the best CCTV repair training center in Nepal?

Being the best is hard for everyone, it needs dedication, hard work, and passion. We already trained more than 1000 students and job replacements for more than 900 students. So, Guru computer solution is the best CCTV repair training in Kathmandu/Nepal. We have qualified trainers/engineers, an advanced laboratory, and all required tools and machines.

Teaching is not only enough to establish a career for students, but they also need proper guidelines, support, motivation, and the right path to grow in the market.  Guru computer solution always provides all necessary thing which needs for students.

We are certified by CTEVT of the Nepal government and we provide certification after completion of training. Besides, guru computer solutions provide CCTV repair and maintenance service in a given time frame. we would like to recommend that to Join guru for the best CCTV  repair training course in Kathmandu and maintenance service.

Why learn CCTV camera repair training at Guru Computer Solution?

Guru Computer Solution is one of the top-rated certified CCTV repair training center in Kathmandu. We offer a highly interactive CCTV repair training course in Kathmandu, delivered by experienced and expert trainers which can lead you to a challenging and rewarding career in the security industry. CCTV camera repair training course designed by Guru Computer Solution is for those students who want to enhance their career in growing security technologies.

In our institute, learners get 100% practical for camera installation and CCTV camera networking. We provide practice for CCTV camera-related errors/issues and resolutions for those as well in this course. With the help of the latest technology of CCTV training, we provide 100% satisfaction to our students in our CCTV training course. You can join us if you wanted to start your career in the electronic surveillance and security field.

CCTV Repair Training in Kathmandu
CCTV Repair Training in Kathmandu

Some benefits of joining CCTV repair training course in Kathmandu are as follows:

  • Qualified Technicians: We offer training classes by experienced and expert trainers who work hard to provide you with effective study material and help you in live projects.
  • Quality Learning: We provide the students with the best learning by using modern methods such as smart classes, labs, and advanced practicability techniques. This course is informative and offers an in-depth experience for the student.
  •  Teaching methodology: We formulate teaching strategies based on students’ learning capabilities. We are always there for student support and offer them guidelines and plans for their development.
  • job-oriented courses: Our main focus is to prepare students according to the needs of the industry. We offer objective career guidance and employment opportunities for those candidates who want to find a job in CCTV and security industry.
  • Most affordable fee structure: We offer a CCTV camera repair training course at the most affordable price in Kathmandu. So anyone who wishes to build a career in CCTV repair can join us without any worries.
  • Online and Offline Sessions: We provide the repairing class for CCTV cameras on both online and offline sessions. We offer the class for students as per their requirements.
  • Hands-on practice: We have our own CCTV repair center, where students can practice any CCTV camera-related issues and problems.

Scope and career opportunities

Skills always support you for enhancing your career and for good income, if you are expert in Camera repairing field, never have to disappoint with your skills. As we know every sector like a financial institution, educational institution, business, hotel, and home are adapting a camera surveillance system for protecting its assets.

Technicians are needed for both installing and repairing devices, organizations can hire you in a different post like Customer support engineer, repair technician, Assistance. In addition, you can apply for a government job and can start a self-business as well. Some of the major jobs that can you do in near future from the CCTV repair training center in Kathmandu are mentioned below.

  • Customer support engineer: The customer supports engineer focuses on finding technical problems decently and cost-effectively. They also have to counsel costumer for the installation of CCTV cameras.
  • CCTV Repair Technician: A technician needs to find problems regarding hardware and software and solve them as soon as possible. New Close-circuit Camera systems should be installed by a repair technician.
  • Self-employment: Being an expert doesn’t mean doing the job, you can start your own business and apply your skills and technique in your business too. It also supports you to be an entrepreneur in the future.
  • Government Officer: Nepal’s government demands a large number of technicians every year, if you have an interest in government officers you can apply for that as well.

Certification after completion

After successful completion of the course, the authorized institution provides a certificate of completion to their students. That certificate works as proof of the skills which you acquire from the CCTV repair training course in Kathmandu.

GURU computer solution is the best CCTV repair training center in Kathmandu. We fulfill all the requirements of being the best CCTV repair training institute as we have highly experienced and expert trainers, have well-equipped labs, have our service center for live practice, and other different facilities for students.

Our syllabus on CCTV repair training meets all demands of today’s repairing industry. Our course fulfills all requirements of CCTV camera repairing in Kathmandu which makes trainees up to date with the latest CCTV technology in the market.

We help the trainees to get jobs as certified CCTV technicians in different repairing industries, and even support them to start their startup after the completion of the course. If you wish to be a certified CCTV camera repair technician, you are welcome at Guru Computer Solutions.

Other Services

Guru computer solutions provide different repairing services including laptop repair, printer repair, projector repair, CCTV repair, desktop repair, and many more.

We also provide different repair training courses related to electronic products. We provide different repair training services like laptop repair training, printer repair training, projector repair training, and many more. You can also read this course on nepguru as well.

Who can join our CCTV camera repair training course?

For learning CCTV repair training course in Guru, we don’t put so many limits on students. Anybody with basic technical knowledge can join a CCTV camera repair training course. Whether you are 10th pass, 12th pass, graduate, or working professionals anyone with an interest in repairing can this course at our institute.

There is no age bar for learning CCTV repairing. We train students to become experts in CCTV repair technicians. If you are planning to take a CCTV camera repairing course, Guru is the right choice for you.

For more information, you can contact us.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact No.: +977 9745610310
  • Location: Newroad, Pipalbot, Kathmandu


Course 1 Course Overview
Course 3 CAMERA


Course 1 Course Overview

CCTV repairing courses include complete theory and practical sessions of CCTV camera installation, repairing, and maintenance. These courses are more reliable and help you to become an expert in the CCTV repairing field. Our professional’s instructor helps the student to learn advanced CCTV Camera models advanced tools or machines.  We help students to learn the essential tips and tricks that help them in finding the smart CCTV Camera issues/problems quickly and performing their repair.

  • Concept of CCTV system
  • CCTV Camera and its components
  • CCTV Camera Security Systems
  • Advantages and Uses of CCTV Camera


Course 3 CAMERA
  • Types of camera and lens
  • Features of camera
  • Types & sizes Image Sensors
  • Camera response and lightening
  • Adjustments and troubleshooting
  • Type and features
  • Usages of accessories
  • Choosing CCTV Accessories
  • Adjustments and troubleshooting
  • Types of connectors
  • Models
  • Connecting Method
  • Quality Checking & Troubleshooting
  • Different types of video transmission
  • Digital networks
  • Methods for transmission control signal
  • Adjustments, troubleshooting
  • Types of HDD Drive
  • Storage Capacity
  • Different types of recording systems
  • Types, features, and choosing method of digital recorders
  • Adjustments, and troubleshooting
  • Video amplifiers
  • Types of power supply
  • Current, Voltage & Ampere rating
  • Load Calculation
  • Rating of AC and DC power
  • Types of cables
  • Size of cables
  • Usages of Different Cables
  • Quality Checking & Troubleshooting
  • Types of DVR & Its Functions
  • Structure of DVR
  • Components of DVR
  • DVR Connections
  • Different types of network configurations
  • Methods of network configuration
  • Concept of Wireless Networking
  • Concept of Wireless Access Points
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting
  • Video Loss
  • No Video and Audio
  • Creation of user account
  • Software update
  • Logs info and tracking
  • Factory reset

Recent FAQ

Choosing best can make your career best as well, guru computer solution has been the best CCTV camera repair training center in Kathmandu/Nepal for more than a decade.

We are living in the digital world and google connecting us through the net and internet. Just search us on google as a “guru computer solution”, you will find us there and feel free to call us.

CCTV camera repair training course is learning to installation and maintenance of the camera’s hardware and software. It also provides the knowledge of finding issues and replacement spheres and parts.

We are located in a different area in the valley but for your convenience, you can come to pipalbot, Newroad, Kathmandu. Guru solution always secures your career in the repairing sector.

Anything under the internet can be hacked, which includes CCTV cameras as well. Wireless camera is less vulnerable than wired camera and cloud-based storage system is high risky than local storage in CCTV camera.

Developing skills has not had any age boundary, it all needs to have pure interest and dedication towards the camera’s field. Anyone, 10 pass/+2 passes or any professional person can shift their career into the Camera repair field.


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