Laptop Repair Training in Kathmandu| Since 2010

Repairing a computer is the process of finding, and fixing the issues and faults. And servicing laptops is the process of chemical cleaning the outer and internal parts.  For solving different technical errors which arise from hardware and software. There are lots of issues related to hardware and software like No power on, Black screen, on and off repeatedly, Noisy, Screen light failing, Battery not charging, hanging, keyboard not working, etc.

Here at Kathmandu, we are a certified chip-level laptop repair training center in Kathmandu that is offering different training and repairing services related to laptops, desktops, Printers, cc cameras, projectors, etc. Our laptop repairing course is hugely preferred among those students who are planning to become good repair technicians in the future.

If you decided to join guru computer for laptop repair training in Kathmandu you’ll have no trouble learning how to repair laptops. And that includes laptops of any sort, be it Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Mac, etc once you get familiar with laptop repair training in the Kathmandu program, you’ll fix any brand of a laptop with ease.

Guru Computer solution is known for its successful chip-level laptop repair training center in Kathmandu. We have expert and well-experienced instructors to provide guidance for laptop chip-level repair training courses. There are also other technical courses that the guru computer laptop repair training center in Kathmandu provides to the students. Other courses available include printer repair training, projector repair training, and CCTV camera repair training.

Our aim is to provide a quality education through a chip-level ‘laptop repair training in the Kathmandu course’. We also provide the best way to learn laptop repairing courses through the latest technology. We understand that laptop repair training requires extensive practical training besides theoretical knowledge. The laptop repair training center in Kathmandu provides training in such a manner which is actually the main requirement of today’s industries. Since we operate a laptop service center in Kathmandu, our students can learn almost the entire course through hands-on practical experience.

We provide the students with the certificate of completion of laptop repair training in Nepal only after they prove their skills in setting up a faulty laptop. We have all the advanced equipment necessary for the repairing work, like the MINI BIOS programmer, the BGA machine, the USB digital microscope, the digital multi-meter, the diagnostic card, the CRO machine, and many more.

Our students get to learn about all aspects of operating this equipment to handle issues in laptops. We will teach you how to apply the latest tools or techniques and advanced principles to maximize your repairing skill and become to solve any major or minor problems of various laptop brands.

We provide the best and most advanced laptop repair training course in Kathmandu covering all major brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, etc. with repairing experiences. We have designed excellent teaching methods specifically advanced training patterns for the technical as well as for non-technical backgrounds which enable them to make a future in Advance chip level Laptop Repairing.

Laptop repair training Center in Kathmandu, Nepal

Everyone wants to find the best training center, however, trusting everyone is a hard job for a student. Guru computer solutions always focus on students’ requirements during the learning phase (updated laboratory, coursebook, and manual, proper guidelines, and research-based task) and growing phase (job placement and support). We have advanced course modules, affordable fees, a peaceful environment, and friendly teachers. Therefore, Guru Computer Solutions has been the choice of everyone for laptop repair training.

The purpose of our training is to encourage our youth to do something in Nepal in the technology field and make them independent as well. More than 2000 students are already trained from here and out of them lots of students are working on reputed companies. we have calibration with different IT companies for replacement students. Guru solution is the one and only CTEVT certified training center inside Kathmandu valley, which is providing different pieces of training like mobile repair training, CCTV repair training, projector repair training, etc.

Computer repairing training is not only learning the books for being the best technician he/she must learn practical oriented course, with expertise. we have lots of computer repair training programs from basic level to chip level, according to the students can choose any course to enroll for their carrier.

Laptop Repair Training in Kathmandu | Course Overview

A computer is an electronic gadget, use to operate under the control of information stored in its own storage that can take input, process the data according to particular rules, and produce instructions outputs. And store the data for future use. In-depth we have to know about computer hardware, software, and networking.

A computer is an electronic device that can be programmed to accept data (input), process it, and generate results (output). A computer along with additional hardware and software together is called a computer system. Before learning advanced laptop repairing students must have knowledge about hardware, software, and their working mechanism

Computer Hardware is the tangible components of a computer such as a monitor, keyboard, CPU, Power supply, and motherboard. The mouse is used for moving, USB is used for a plugin, hard disk or SSD stores our information and other hardware components help that run software we use regularly. Hardware is the main component that gets computers faster and more efficient.

We will introduce about following topics in this course :

  • Computer hardware concept.
  • Partition/formatting and windows installation.
  • Windows settings and security.
  • Software and utilities.
  • Workgroup networking & internet concept.
  • Introduction of an Operating system
  • What is a file system? (FAT/NTFS )
  • Data recovery
  • Virus Cleaning and Updating With the new installation
  • Introduction to Bus Cache And MHZ
  • Work with function (Fn) Key

Basic Laptop Repair Training in Nepal

After introducing about computer system students will learn about the internal, external, parts of laptops and computer. in this course, we will introduce the latest technology, different brands, and their working mechanism. after completion of basic laptop repair training, students can easily solve small types of normal troubles related to external components. we will cover the following topics in the basic level of repair training in Kathmandu.

  • Dead System
  • No Display
  • Dim Display
  • Freezing Display
  • System Getting Hung
  • Keyboard Control Section Problem
  • Memory Control Section Problem
  • Audio Not Working
  • USB Port
  • Battery Not Charging
  • D.C Pin Problem
  • Laptop Motherboard
  • Handling Laptop Keyboard Issues
  • Deal With Overheating Laptop
  • Fixing Trochpad Problem
  • Replacing Broken Laptop Screens
  • Internal And External Devices
  • Identify All the Parts in A Laptop
  • Laptop Bios Setting

Component level Laptop repair Training in Kathmandu

Guru computer solution provides a component level of laptop repair training after completing the basic level of laptop repair training in Kathmandu. We will identify the different components used in laptops like MOSFETs, capacitors, resistors, etc. working functions of different components, testing method, testing units, and its working flow according to the motherboard. Some topics that we will learn at component level of laptop repair training in Nepal are listed below

  • Introduction to electricity, ensuring unit and ideas
  • Fundamental & types of current
  • Testing power, data on the components,
  • Introducing different MOSFETs and their working mechanism
  • Working mechanism and testing of Different IC.

For more information, you can read the syllabus below.

Circuit level of laptop Repair Training in Kathmandu

Learning schematic design, analysis, finding trouble related to the motherboard, and solving all the complex problem ideas are covered in the circuit level of laptop repair training in Kathmandu. We will learn about the internal and external design of laptop motherboard, using ideas of latest and usable devices which is used for laptop repairing process.  Some topics that we cover in circuit level of laptop repair training in Nepal are:

  • Introduce different electronic equipment like CRO, Multimeter, BIOS program, SMD tester.
  • Different IC, Learn about IC’s troubles, DE soldering, and soldering ideas.
  • Replacing connectors, SMD components, sockets
  • Dead board testing
  • Power section testing etc.

You can learn our syllabus for more details for circuit level of laptop repair training in Nepal.

Core laptop chip level Training

Chip-level laptop repair training is mainly focused on the chips used inside the laptop. It is designed to identify and troubleshoot internal and core parts (Chip) related problems. Rebelling AMD, BGA chips, different processors, graphic chips, and other different IC’ of laptops. After learning chip level laptop repair training course in Kathmandu from guru computer you can start your carrier in the repairing field. Only guru computer is providing the core level laptop repair training in Kathmandu since 2010.

After completing the course we provide different collections of schematic, bios programs, audios, videos, and lifetime support

Benefits of laptop repairing course

This is the new era of technology where all businesses and companies are increasingly dependent on different types of IT infrastructure for mission-critical processes to achieve their goals.

Almost all organizations and businesses want to ensure that IT infrastructure for keeping their data, managing their function, and more. for managing all the infrastructure companies needs a well-trained and skilled person as an employee.

To manage the system and handle hardware issues any organization required a professional technician. To meet this requirement, you need a place where a thorough knowledge of computer hardware repair and maintenance will be given to you and that is what we offer to all our trainees. Some benefits of laptop repair training are listed below:

  • A Large number of laptops are being repaired in the market, so it will be the source of your income.
  • The laptop repairing training course gives you comprehensive details about all the technical skills about repairing all types of laptops.
  • After this course you will be able to grab an opportunity of repairing technician is highly demanded market.
  • The laptop repair center allows students to go for on-field projects and enables them to gain some experience from lived problems
  • Scholarship for deserving students.
  • Totally practical learning.
  • Career counseling and guidelines for the newcomer.
  • Certificated from (CTEVT, GURU computer, NTSB) for Chip level Training.

Which is the best Laptop Repair Training Center in Kathmandu Nepal? Why?

If you are looking for a laptop training institute in Kathmandu GURU computer solution is the best choice of all. We have more than 10 years of experience in the technical education industry and we are known for offering the best laptop repairing courses in Kathmandu.

A laptop repairing course is not a difficult task until the students get the proper guidance and support. So we have designed the most suitable laptop repairing courses. Our professional and experienced experts provide learners the best and advanced level training by all basic to latest parameters associated with laptop and desktop repairing and execute them in an excellent manner so that after the course completion students will be able to repair any laptop of any company or model.

Guru Computer Solution offers an excellent balance of theory and real-world practical exercises. We make a laptop repairing training course easier and more interesting, that each and every student learn this easily. We provide training from basic to advanced level. The person who is not from the technical field can also learn this course and after the course completion, they will be able to repair any type of laptop.

Our training courses not only include laptops but also include desktop repair training, printer repair training, projector repair training, CCTV camera repair training, and many more.

Here are some benefits to joining us:

  • Our training is conducted by expert trainers who have 10 years of experience.
  • We provide training from basics and go to the advanced level where we start from basic electronics go to different modules like chip-level practice with testing & repairing tools, circuit tracing and repairing of motherboard, laptop hardware concept, circuit tracing and repairing of laptop and lot many
  • We provide less focus on theory and more on the practical or live project or training.
  • We have a well-maintained lab with the latest and advanced repairing tools or machines.
  • Our practice module includes all the topics of chip level and card level repairing that are enough to become a master in laptop repairing.
  • The main focus of our instructors is to improve the experience of the student so we allow them to go on field projects
  • The students can also attend their missed classes and any topic at any time.
  • We provide individual attention to all our students.
  • We provide students with job placement after completion of the course

Why learn Laptop repair training at Guru Computer Solution?

Laptop repair training in Nepal is a growing industry. guru computer Solutions has been providing training and certification for the laptop to repair training since 2010.

Guru computer is the leading provider of mobile repair training in Nepal. They have been serving the industry for more than a decade and offer courses that are internationally recognized, globally accredited, and most importantly, locally relevant.

They offer a wide range of courses for both beginners and experienced professionals, with the latest tools and equipment as well as certification programs to help them get their careers off on the right foot. Repairing servicing for electronic products has changed dramatically over the past few years, but Laptop repairing still remains effective and important in the technical world.

The course covers basic to advanced levels of laptop repair, including screen replacement, data recovery, motherboard replacement, and more. Here are some points that show why you choose guru computer solution for laptop repair training center in Kathmandu:

  • Best in Class.
  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Refundable registration fee.
  • Working on LIVE Projects
  • Free Service center Classes
  • Free tools kit
  • Advanced course methodology
  • After Course Support.
  • Tips & Tricks for a better result to repairing any brands.
  • AN CTEVT Certified Certificate.
  • Availability of SMD, IRDA & other modern Equipment
  • Latest Course Material
  • Advanced Infrastructure
  • Equal Emphasis on Theory & Practical skills.
  • Online Support
  • Discussion Desk
  • Free Demo Class.

Scope of Advance Chip level Laptop Repair Training in Nepal

People are using laptops and computers widely in the internet era. Computer devices are getting smaller day by day to make portable devices for home and office use So, Laptop/computer-producing organization have increased their area unit product sales.

Computer and technology are involved in every aspect of human life. The role of the computer is in every sector like educational organization, Health organization, financial institution, and another aspect of the field which are related with human life and behavior.

In the context of Nepal, there is a lot of electronic gadgets used in various sector. If you have a laptop, you may face an issue with your laptops. Electronic device fails because of many reasons like high temperature, mechanical shock, high voltage, radiation, etc.

Generally, the laptop repair training center in Kathmandu never replaces a device after getting one or two faults and this is not a good solution as well. For long and good performance, it’s better to visit technical experts or qualified service engineers. According to the above discussion, we have a wide range of scope of advanced chip-level laptop repairing training in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • If you learn very well the course ‘laptop repair training in Kathmandu’ and have proper knowledge regarding repair, you can start a shop or business.
  • Finding a high-wage job is quite a bit of trouble for the lower educated. But having complete skills to repair laptops at card level and chip level is enough to get extremely high-paid jobs.
  • You will be able to find the all issues of all brands of laptops/computers.
  • Able to know about the latest technologies.
  • You can work as a system engineer IT assistant, IT expert, or Technician.
  • Able to join well-recognized companies and multinational companies as well.

Certification after Completion:

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be issued a certificate of completion by the authorized institution. CTEVT verified certificates are the best-recognized certificates in the Nepali market. When you come out of a training institution after successful completion of the laptop repair training course having skill in your hands, a verified certificate would work as proof of your skill acquisition.

Guru computer solution is the best CTEVT-certified laptop repair training center in Kathmandu. GURU fulfills all the requirements of a laptop repair training institute as Guru has highly experienced and expert trainers, has a well-equipped and modern lab, and provides a CTEVT certified certificate after the completion of the course laptop repair training in Kathmandu.

We have the latest syllabus on laptop repair training in Kathmandu that meets the demand of today’s repairing industry. Our course fulfills all important prerequisites required by the laptop Repair Training in Nepal that makes trainees up to date with the latest printer technology in the market.

The Laptop Repair Training center in Kathmandu helps the trainees to get jobs as certified technicians in different repairing centers, industries, or training institutes and even supports them to start their own startups after the completion of the course. IF you wish to be a certified laptop repair technician, you are welcome at GURU Computer solution.

‘Career Opportunities’ After learning laptop repair training service in Kathmandu

Computer hardware has a lot of work range due to ongoing demand and rapid increase of users. We cannot mobilize an electronic device without a problem in its lifetime, devices like laptops, computers, mobile, etc. So, we need a highly qualified technician or IT expert.

As we know, many Nepalese Youths are jobless due to theoretical degrees in Nepal or forced to go abroad. But learning some skills is better than getting a degree, it secures your future in hardware fields In Nepal.

A chip level of laptop repair training in Kathmandu is provided by guru computer Solutions. Those who are willing to take this training can work themselves in the following position.

  • Computer Hardware Engineer- This job is to relate with research, design, development, analysis, testing, and upgrading of the laptops/computer hardware system and parts.
  • Technical Support Assistant- A technical person has to manage, maintain, and repair IT systems. In addition, they have to diagnose and repair the faults and install hardware components.
  • Computer repair job- Computer/Laptop Repair Training in Nepal provides the jobs tend to repair, evaluate, detect, and troubleshoot different types of problems affecting computer software, hardware, or networking.
  • Desktop Support job- Desktop support staffs are support specialists that help the customer with hardware, and software problems. Their duty is to hand over remote technical assistants including basic IT problems.

Laptop repair training center in Kathmandu | Services:

Laptops become an important part of our daily life. From the home to the office and from work to entertainment, laptops have made a strong presence in our modern life. Guru offers all kinds of laptop repair training services in Kathmandu at the most affordable price.

So when you decided to build your career as a laptop repair technician you must ask yourself a question is there any certified “Laptop repair training center near me” or “Laptop repair training near me” that is reliable and trustworthy.

The answer is Yes! laptop repair training center in Kathmandu (Guru Computer solution) is a national company, with over 20+ locations in Nepal, which provides repair and diagnostics for any computer/ laptop repair, CCTV camera repair, projector repair, printer repair-related issue, or problem.

Not only repairing, but guru computer solution also provides different training services like laptop repair training, desktop repair training, projector repair training, and CCTV camera repair training with highly trained, certified, and have years of experience in repairing all types of repairing and training services.

Co-ordinate service centers for laptop repair training in Nepal

Guru Computer Solution has different coordinated service centers for laptop repairing and repair training all over Nepal. They have their specialism in their related field. We offer a great variety of services through our coordinated service centers like desktop repair, mobile repair, CCTV camera repair, printer repair, projector repair in Kathmandu, as well as training them, etc.

  • Mero Laptop, Newroad- Mero Laptop is specialized in repairing all laptop and computer-related problems or issues. They provide the repairing of all most every brand of laptop and computer.
  • Nepguru, New Baneshwor- Nepguru is one of the most popular training and laptop repairing centers located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. They provide different types of training related to electronic devices, software, programming language, etc.
  • Dell Service Nepal, Newroad- Dell Service Nepal is the authorized dell laptop service center in Kathmandu which is the only expert of Dell devices in Nepal. It provides all the genuine parts and repair services for dell laptops.
  • Apple Care Nepal, Newroad- Apple Care Nepal is an expert in repairing services in the Apple brand only. They provide service for any kind of Apple hardware or software solution.
  • Guru Mobile, Tamrakar Complex- Guru Mobile provides smartphone or mobile repairing services in Kathmandu. They repair almost all brands of mobiles including apple.



Course 1 About laptop repair training syllabus:  
Course 2 Computer Hardware Course Related
Course 3 Computer Software Course Related -laptop repair training service in Kathmandu
Course 4 Card level Laptop Repair training in Kathmandu
Course 5 Basic electronics laptop repair training in Kathmandu
Course 6 Circuit tracing and repairing of the motherboard.
Course 7 Laptop Repairing Tools- Laptop repair training in Kathmandu
Course 8 Testing Tools- Laptop repair training center in Kathmandu
Course 9 Bios Flashing Condition


Course 1 About laptop repair training syllabus:  

If you are thinking about doing a laptop repairing job as a profession, at a first training course on the subject is deal. According to this era, laptop technology has grown so quickly over the past few years, it is very necessary to learn how to repair and maintain a laptop. This course will teach you how to solve different laptops and their problems.

When you are looking best laptop repair center near me in Kathmandu, you will find lots of training centers in Kathmandu, many institutes are claiming themselves as the best repair training center. Before joining this course, you have known the aspect of the laptop repair training center in Kathmandu including maintenance, repairs, replacement parts, and so much more.

 This course is designed by the different computer engineer expertise who are working in this field for many years. When we talk about laptop repairing in Kathmandu there are many places where you can learn the basics of laptop repair, and these include books, websites, and even video training courses.

Before making a choice to take up repair training, you should look at the options and their benefits, features, and review of a past student, if you are choosing laptop repair training in Kathmandu you will find the contacts and sites from google.

Guru computer solution is introducing the advanced chip level training in Kathmandu near the new road and Baneswor named Guru technical institute since 2010. First time in the country of Nepal offering an advanced laptop repair training center in Kathmandu to those students who really want to build their carrier as good computer/laptop repair technicians. With the international standard reaping lab, repairing tools, and internationally certified syllabus.

Our specialized laptop repair course includes four levels of repair training. after completing this course students will understand the functionality of different components of laptops using block diagrams/ schematics. guru solution will provide fully practical based training with advanced equipment after completing this course students can repair all the brands like Samsung, Acer, Lenovo, Intex, Toshiba, Dell, Sony Vaio, Apple, HCl, etc. within a six-month student can start their own laptop service center.

According to the current situation, the laptop repairing course is the most demanding course. This is because lots of emerging companies, schools, banks, offices, and other people are using different types of computers/laptops to perform and complete their work easily and fast way. As we all know every electronic device needs to be serviced and repair in time if we run the devices with some errors or with defective parts it will make us more loss. the student who completes a 6-month repair training course from guru institute will definitely solve all types of problems.

You can join us today for advanced laptop chip-level courses!!

We have broken down our syllabus into four levels of Advance Chip Level Training which are explained below !!

Course 2 Computer Hardware Course Related
  • Introduction To computer
  • Assembling & dissembling computer.
  • Parts of computers and laptops.
  • About connectors and connections.
  • Introduction to Internal and external storage.
  • Configuring the graphics system.
  • Monitors and touch screens.
  • Setting up gateways.
  • Wireless Networks
  • Motherboard series
  • Types of Motherboard
  • Motherboard all details – port, slot, socket, connector, components, IC, etc.
  • RAM, Types of RAM details-DRR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4
  • About Ram cache memory, FSB Speed, all voltage Detail
  • CPU (Processor), Details CPU series
  • Difference types of the CPU socket and processor details.
  • CPU clock speed, cache memory, FSB Speed, voltage
  • What is CD/DVD/Blue Ray?
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Diagnostic card for motherboard faults error.
  • SMPS and its connection (switch mode power supply)
  • Installing, Configuring, Managing, and Troubleshooting a PC
  • Operating System ( Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Protocols and Internetworking Standards
  • Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting a Windows Client
  • Installing & Configuring Windows Server OS

The above guide is provided by the Laptop Repair Training center in Kathmandu,  Nepal

Course 3 Computer Software Course Related -laptop repair training service in Kathmandu
  • Introduction to the operating system
  • Formatting & installing Operating systems.
  • Multi-operating concept.
  • Activating & Installing Drivers
  • File System, disk partition, Create & Merge partition
  • Creating bootable pen drive using software & without software.
  • Burning & writing cd/DVD by software.
  • Install all types of application software.  Like ms-office, media players, tally, coral draw, Photoshop, etc.
  • Install and activate antiviruses
  • Break all types of windows passwords.
  • Data recovery from hard disk, pen drive, memory card.
  • BIOS /CMOS setup
Course 4 Card level Laptop Repair training in Kathmandu

After learning The Basic hardware and software course student can study Basic laptop repair training in Kathmandu from Guru computer solution. here are some topics that we will cover in the basic laptop repair training center in Kathmandu.

  • Introduce Basic laptops & Desktop problems.
  • Display Issues like Dim, No Display, Blue Screen, etc.
  • Hanging Problems
  • USB/ Serial port/ PS2 port problems
  • Memory issues/ troubleshooting
  • Sound issues
  • Power issues
  • peripherals Not supporting
  • Freezing problems/ Hard disk problems
  • Changing internal and external parts
Course 5 Basic electronics laptop repair training in Kathmandu

learn Basic electronics concepts, laptop repair training center in Kathmandu provides the formation of current, ac/dc concept, rules for the flow of current.

  • Resistor- symbol, function, function, denoting letter, solid type resistor color coding, SMD type resistor coding, value measurement by multimeter and SMD tester.
  • Capacitor – function, types, symbol, identification of the solid type and SMD type capacitor, testing of the capacitor by multimeter and SMD tester, value measurement by SMD tester.
  • Coil – function, symbol, denoting letter, types of material, properties of the coil, identification of solid and SMD type coil, pack coil, testing of the coil.
  • Diode: function, symbol, denoting letter, identification of solid and SMD type diode, types of diodes, testing of the diode, anode, and cathode concept.
  • Transistor: introduction, types, symbol, denoting letter, PNP and NPN concept, testing of transistor, function, etc.
  • Mosfet: introduction, types, identification of n-channel and p-channel Mosfet, testing of Mosfet, dual Mosfet concept, switching concept, etc.
  • Crystal: introduction, the concept of quartz, clock and pulse, measuring unit, types, and real shape, testing of crystal, etc.
Course 6 Circuit tracing and repairing of the motherboard.
  • Motherboard overview and block diagram of the motherboard.
  • Identification of all types of chips, ports, sockets, slots, etc.
  • The working concept of the motherboard. concept of reset, ready, clock signal.
  • VRM circuit- overview, tracing, hot testing, shorting problem in vrm circuit,
  • RAM supply: Types, Problems, pins, troubleshooting, replace, tracing.
  • Clock generator circuit: identification of clock generator, tracing, use of frequency counter to measure clock, troubleshooting.
  • USB port: Power and data tracing in USB port.
  • Audio Section: Checking audio section.
  • Standby circuit: standby Mosfet, circuit tracing.
  • Voltage, data, and signal testing.
  • Cro machine: Operation of CRO machine for voltage, data, and signal testing.
  • ROM: Identity, pin, types, data, circuit testing.
Course 7 Laptop Repairing Tools- Laptop repair training in Kathmandu
  • HOT air gun
  • Schrew driver
  • Iron
  • DC power supply
  • Lens
  • CRO 100mh
  • Fungs
  • Iron BIT
  • Heat abrob Tape
  • Debug Card
  • RT809 programmer
  • Multimeter fluke
  • Probe
  • Solder wire
  • Bit cleaner
  • BIOS programmer cocket mini/micro
  • Twisser
  • CRo probe
  • Jumper Wire
  • Desoldering wire
  • De- soldering pump
  • Amtech flux
  • Cutter
  • Glue
  • Ppd paste
  • ENIT SIO Programmer
  • Double tape
Course 8 Testing Tools- Laptop repair training center in Kathmandu
  • Ram tester
  • Heat sink paste
  • CPU Testor
  • Battery tester
  • LCD/Led tester
Course 9 Bios Flashing Condition
  • Only Keyboard Display (Caps Lock Blink)
  • Slow Display
  • Hang On the Logo
  • Blue Dump Error (OS, RAM, HDD, BIOS, CPU,GPU)
  • Auto Enter On Bios
  • High Fan Speed
  • No Data on (Lad Signal) (After Plt)
  • No RAM Detection
  • No CPU Supply Working
  • No GFX Supply (Must Insert Ram)
  • Reboot Frequently
  • No Power On (After 3/5v) No Triger
  • No Light on Hp Dc Jack
  • Fix Timing Off

Recent FAQ

Guru computer solution in Kathmandu is the best leading laptop repair training center in Kathmandu provider center since 2010. GURU provides a different level of courses like laptops, projectors, printers as well.

Qualification doesn’t matter for dedicated people however; in terms of better performance, you need to completed +2/SLC. More you have to better communication, analytical thinking, initiative ability. you can join Laptop Repair Training in Nepal after contacting us.

Chip level of repairing course is done in terms of becoming a qualified primary engineer or technician who can deal with every electronic device problem like mobile, laptops or chips of a computer.

With the rapid increase of computer/ laptop in our market, it provides best employment chances for the foreseeable future. In near future, it is expected to need more the seventy thousand computer technician.

Of course, being a technician is not easy, however, a technician needs patience, tolerance, good communication, and a good sense of humor. If you are interested to be a technician learn constantly, put in work, get along with all kinds of people.

An Its technician gives a wide range of services like support, fixing, and maintaining the hardware, software, and networking problems of computer organization.


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