Mobile Repair Training in Kathmandu

Mobile is a very essential device in this era, so there are a lot of mobile phone users in Nepal. The mobile repair training course is technical and practical and thus requires practical sessions on the part of the training-providing institute. As we all know the whole world is dominated by smartphone technology, and the market for mobile technicians is also huge.

Finding a pocket or a hand without a mobile phone is almost impossible nowadays in Kathmandu and all over Nepal. In that situation working as a mobile phone repair technician in Kathmandu could be your best decision. All you need proper mobile repair training in Kathmandu that enables your technical skills and makes you an expert in the smartphone repairing industry.

Because of the business potential available to mobile repair technicians, mobile repair training courses in Nepal are becoming increasingly popular. In Nepal, numerous training organizations offer mobile repairing courses ranging from basic to higher chip level mobile repairing.

Mobile Repair Training Center in Kathmandu

Guru Computer solution is one of the diplomatic mobile repair training providers organization inside Kathmandu Valley. Nepal is one of the fastest-growing smartphone and technology markets in the world. The number of people who use mobile technology is increasing all the time, which represents the vast market for mobile repair in Nepal. According to Guru Computer Solution’s research, there is a high demand for mobile repairing service providers in Nepal, but a shortage of high-quality mobile repairing centers. Guru Computer’s mobile repairing training course was created with this fact in mind.

Isn’t finding and selecting the best mobile repair training center a complex task? Every student, willing to enrol in the mobile repair training course tries to find the best one for themselves but couldn’t decide between the training centers. Don’t worry about your confusion because Guru Computers offers you the best in the location. Our history shows how many students have successful careers who have taken the mobile repair training at Guru Computers.

Kathmandu is a city of dreams for many students and Guru Computers is here to fulfil your dream of becoming a mobile repairing technician. Join Guru Computers and experience the best possible training in Kathmandu.

If you are interested in taking a mobile repair training course in Kathmandu, numerous institutions provide this service. However, only a small percentage of them can possess qualified expertise in the mobile repair sector. As a result, you must make a rational decision when selecting a mobile repair training institute in Kathmandu.

Mobile Repair Training in Kathmandu | Course Overview

Mobile Repair Training is a technical and practical course and thus requires a dedicated updated course and syllabus. The smartphone industry is an ever-growing and innovative industry and thus Guru Computers designs its course and syllabus that is best suited for the industry requirement and the latest updated technology in the market. We direct your skills and efforts in the ways that best fit the mobile industry requirement.

Basic Mobile Repair Training

This is a very basic and first level in mobile repair training. In the basic level of mobile training, students will learn about its basic topics and also the different kinds of components and cards in mobile phones.

As we all know how big is the market for mobile repairing, now here are a few things that you need to know as a trainee of basic mobile repairing at our training center.

  • Basic knowledge of mobile technology, its operating system, features, and service providers
  • Basic identification of mobile parts and accessories
  • Practical knowledge of mobile hardware and software fixing and resetting
  • Knowledge about sim card tray functioning, memory card tray functioning, display functioning, charging port functioning, mic, and speaker functioning
  • In-depth exercise of display fixing and replacement
  • Basic knowledge of tools, machines, and equipment
  • Problem testing in mic, display, speakers, touch, sim and memory card tray, RAM, etc.
  • Smartphone assembling and dissembling
  • Fault finding and fixing with the help of tools and machines.
  • More others.

We have the syllabus of basic mobile repair training in Kathmandu uploaded below that you can download for more detailed information.

Electronics and Hardware Repair Training

This is the next level from basic mobile repair training in Kathmandu and this course, students will be allowed to learn the basic electronic and hardware components used in mobile phones. They will also learn the potential problems and issues in these electronic and hardware components and they will be taught to fix them.

Students will learn the following things in this electronics and hardware training course,

  • Introduction to electronics
  • charge/voltage/ types of current
  • components identification, test, and working
  • Basic tips for hardware repairing
  • Circuit Diagram Reading
  • GSM/ CDMA troubleshooting
  • Practically repairing using tools & machines
  • Chinese mobile phone troubleshooting
  • Introduction to 4g technology

If you want more details on this course in mobile repairing, you can download the attached syllabus file below.

Mobile Software Training

Are you interested in becoming a mobile phone technology expert? Is mobile software repair something you’re interested in? If so, mobile software repair training is the most effective strategy to achieve your career objectives. Guru Computers provides a comprehensive mobile software repair training program that prepares you to enter the smartphone repair business with excellent mobile software repair abilities.

In this software repair training course, students will learn about different mobile operating systems, software installs, and blocking and unblocking mobile phones. The major things you will learn in this course are,

  • Introduction of Basic computer/ computer operating
  • Different Driver Installation
  • Unlocking-User Lock, SIM & Country Lock
  • IMEI Number Repairing
  • Repairing with coding
  • Unlocking Blackberry & Android Mobile
  • Application Software Training

You can find more details in the syllabus file attached below by downloading it.

Advanced Chip Level Mobile Repair Training

For students interested in pursuing a profession in the mobile repairing industry, Guru Computers provides a newly designed advanced chip-level mobile repair training in Kathmandu. Students will get advanced competence in the field of smartphones as part of the advanced curriculum. Small components, small chips, glued chips, CPU soldering method, and iPhone stacking method are all described.

In this course, you will learn the following things,

  • Fingerprint & Cameras issues
  • Battery connector supply tracing for Charging/discharging problem
  • Headphone jack problem
  • On/ Off Switch
  • Different IC and Chips
  • Changing touch screen
  • Circuits like charging, network, sound, on/off, headphones, etc. are repaired.
  • Use advanced tools like SMD, BGA, hot air guns, etc.
  • Battery problems, shorting problems, leakage problems, Water damage problems, overheating, vibrating, phone sound-related, mic-related, white screen problems, and fixing them all.
  • Aware of all electronics components & their working, type, symbol, unit denoting letter, and TESTING like- resistor, capacitor, transistor, MOSFET, IC/Chip, crystal, coil, diode, fuse, speaker, ringer, mic, vibrate, switch.

Which is the Best Mobile Repair Training Center in Kathmandu?

Kathmandu is the most populated city in Nepal with around 2 million people. Being the capital city of Nepal it is the most advanced city in technology also. It means that almost all the people from teens ages to the elder ages have mobile phones with them. This shows the massive smartphone market of Kathmandu. To meet those higher demands for mobile repair, there are lots of mobile repair training center in Kathmandu offering different kinds of mobile repairing services.

Guru Computer Solution has been offering mobile repair training in Kathmandu since 2010, i.e., more than 10 years of experience. During these years, Guru Computers has enabled its training mode, its syllabus, and the way it provides the training. Guru Computers is the best place for mobile repair training in Kathmandu and all over Nepal.

Along with the mobile repairing training center in Kathmandu, there are a lot of mobile repair training provider institutions. These are the institutions that fulfil the demand for mobile repair technicians in Kathmandu as well as the whole Nepalese market. These institutions offer training in basic mobile repair, advanced mobile repair, electronics, mobile hardware training, mobile software training, etc. However, most of these institutions do not meet the requirements of the CTEVT-certified mobile repair training center in Kathmandu. In the context of Kathmandu, Guru Computers is the only certified training institution. Guru Computers is the best mobile repair training center in Kathmandu due to its fulfilment of requirements and USPs.

USPs of Guru Computer Solution

  • Fulfillment of all of the requirements to be the CTEVT verified training center
  • A dedicated lab with all necessary types of machinery and equipment
  • Highly Professional and real-world practitioner trainers
  • CTEVT verified certificate after the completion of training
  • A homely learning environment
  • 100% practical sessions
  • Management of internship and job opportunities during and after the course completion
  • Highly sellable technician production

Scope of Mobile Repair Training in Nepal | Career

When we talk about the technological era, smartphones come to our minds at first. This is an era of technology and no mind is unaware of mobile phones. Whether it is big developed economies or small developing countries, the advancement of mobile phone technology is almost similar everywhere. There is a big market for smartphones in Nepal along with mobile phone repairing centers. With more smartphone users, more will be more demand for mobile repair services.

The mobile repair training center in Kathmandu has a great scope in Nepal as mobile repairing technicians are in demand everywhere. From fundamental mobile repairing to advanced chip-level mobile repairing, technicians are required. Having the skills for mobile repairing through mobile repair training in Kathmandu would certainly give you a competitive edge in this complex job market. People search for a repair center that can repair the mobile in the shortest possible time with a good quality service. If you can achieve that kind of skills through mobile repair training, you can benefit from this ever-growing repairing market.

The possible scopes are:

  • Job opportunities at the mobile repair centers
  • Job opportunities in the mobile manufacturing industries
  • Higher chances of getting hired by the training provider institutions
  • Job opportunities at electronic shops and suppliers
  • Capacity building for your startup
  • Job invitations from national as well as multinational companies.

Benefits of Mobile Repair Training in Nepal

Nepal is a growing economy in terms of business, technology, digitalization, and economic growth. Smartphone technology is an ever-growing market and so does the market scope for mobile repair technicians. Taking mobile repair training in Kathmandu is a skill of high benefit for the people. It is beneficial due to its high level of marketability and earnings. Mobile repairing shops rarely have idle time with them because the queue of damaged mobile phones is always there with the deadlines. You can have a handsome salary as a smartphone repair technician. You can have the benefits like,

  • In-depth knowledge of ‘Android’ and ‘IOS’ system
  • Acquisition of all levels of mobile repairing skills
  • Guaranteed earnings with a stable job.
  • Opportunities of getting hired from big mobile phone industries and multinational companies.
  • Ability to gain knowledge regarding the network concept and structure.
  • Acquisition of sufficient skills to start your mobile repairing shop or mobile repair training institute.
  • Identification and installation of different smartphone software and hardware.
  • Opportunity to create an image of a professional mobile technician in the market.

Certification after Completion

Every trainee wishes for an approved certification after the completion of any technical training. Having a verified certificate provides validity to the training received. In the context of Nepal, CTEVT-approved certificates are the best recognized and prioritized certificates. Guru Computers is the only CTEVT-certified training provider institute in Nepal. We provide a CTEVT verified certificate after the completion of all of the training we offer.

When you have the best skills in mobile repairing along with the best certificate on your hands, the mobile repairing market would strive to hire you. Certification is proof of the fact that you have completed the mobile repair training in Kathmandu in an efficient way. What could be the better option for you when Guru Computers is offering you a CTEVT-approved training certificate to you after the completion of the mobile repairing course?

Without wasting your time, book your seat right now as the admissions are open now. Grab your opportunity as soon as possible to become a certified professional mobile repair technician.

Guru computer solution also offers other courses including mobile repair training in Kathmandu such as laptop repair training, printer repair training, projector repair training, CCTV repair training, and so on. For more information please kindly contact us.

Mobile Repair Training in Kathmandu has some coordinated partners which are Guru institute of engineering and technology, Mero laptop, and Acer service Nepal.



Course 1 Mobile Repair Course - 01 ( Basic Mobile Service)
Course 2 Mobile Repair Course - 02 ( Basic Electronic)
Course 3 Mobile Repair Course (Circuit/Schematic Analysis )
Course 4 Mobile Repair Course Module (I/C Rebelling)


Course 1 Mobile Repair Course - 01 ( Basic Mobile Service)

Module 1 – (Time: 45 Hours)

  • GSM &CDMA – Different bands
  • Introduction To Mobile Communication
  • History of mobile communication
  • GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication)
  • Duplexing – Uplink & Down Link Frequencies.
  • 3G Network – WCDMA & CDMA 2000,4g networking Multiplexing methods (Cellular Communication)
  • SDMA – Space Division Multiple Access _Cell Concept
  • FDMA –Frequency Division Multiple Access – Channels
  • TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access (Time Sharing)
  • CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access – spread spectrum method
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cell Concept Networking (GSM CDMA & WCDMA)
  • Network Components – BTS, BSC, MSC, Link Towers – Repeaters
  • BTS – Base Transceiver Station, BSC – Base Station Controller
  • HLR, VLR, EIR, SMSC, AUC, Voice Message Centre
  • Antenna – Low Power, High Power, Coverage, Repeater, Microwave Links
  • Power Variation in Antenna for Different Bands.
  • Auto Power Controlling In Mobile Phone According To Distance from BTS
  • Mobile initiated call – key of security – Diagram
  • Communication (link) between the cellular network and other networks
  • Cell Broadcasting (CB), Cell Info Display Introduction To Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Phone – IMEI Number
  • Manufacturing Companies and Mutual Understanding With Network Providers.
  • N/W Service Provider, N/W Technology Provider.
  • Transmitting Power Of Mobile Phone – GSM & CDMA
  • MS – Mobile Station – Mobile Phone + SIM
  • Securities Used In Mobile Phone For User [Security Code, Keypad Lock, Call Baring, Pattern lock],
  • Mobile phone pricing.SIM – Subscriber Identity Module
  • SIM – block diagram SIM Contents, SIM Capacity, IMSI, PIN, PUK, Multi-SIM packages
  • Working Voltage and clock for SIM. Features Provided By N/W Provider
  • SMS, MMS, Voice Message, Call Barring, Call Diverting, Call Waiting, Call Conferencing, Fixed Dialing, CUG, etc.
  • GPRS, EDGE, HSCSD, GPS Navigation Services, Television channels, Mobile Banking, Tablet PC services different Modes Of Operations & Battery
  • Watchdog – Purpose
  • Need Of Current Measurement In-Service Field.
  • Main battery and RTC backup battery.
  • Sensing Points In Battery [Temperature, Over Voltage Etc.) & Complaints
  • Original And Duplicated Battery Comparison and Complaint Due To Duplicate Battery Different Types Chargers
  • Types of chargers- travel, USB, Ampere rating of chargers
  • Minimum Voltage for Charging, New Battery Charging
  • Battery Low Indication, Battery boosting, cut off Circuit Using In Battery MT & SOC Systems – Revision
  • Current consumption, Temperature Handling, Soldering Details
  • MCP – (multi-chip packages), Modules, BGA – Ball Grid Array, POP
  • Types Of BGA – Temperature Ratings
  • Multi-Layer PCB’s Integrated Circuits
  • DC to DC Converters, N/W ICs, Microprocessor, Memory ICs, sensors, Filters, MCP, MML
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, FM ICs, SIM, SIM EMIF (Glass IC-Diode Array, Resistor Array)
  • Pin Configuration of SMD IC’sBGA
  • Types of BGA, Pin Configuration of BGA ICs
  • Points Remember While Handling BGA
  • POP – Package On Package Hardware Of Mobile Phones
  • Simple block diagram of mobile phone
  • Detailed block diagram
  • SOC(System on chip), Embedded System
  • Power Supply Section, N/W Section, Data Processing Section
  • Display Section, UI Section (User interface Section)
  • Audio Section- Mic speaker, ringer, vibrator
  • Other wireless sections
  • Sensors in mobile phone
Course 2 Mobile Repair Course - 02 ( Basic Electronic)

Module:02 ( Time: 30 Hrs )

  • Introduction to Electronics
  • Application of Electronics
  • Concept of matter
  • Atomic structure
  • Conductor, Semiconductor, Insulator
  • Electric charge, Potential difference, Electric current, Electrical energy, Electrical power
  • Resistance
  • Measuring units
  • Types of current
  • Direct current, Alternating current
  • Wavelength, Cycle, Frequency, Amplitude
  • Voltage Sources
  • AC &DC voltage source
  • Measuring instruments, Multimeter
  • Ohm’s Law –simple Calculations
  • Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power Relations
  • Voltage & Current Measurement (breadboard)
  • Electronic Components
  • Passive &Active Components
  • SMT, SMD
  • SMT- advantages
  • Resistors
  • Fixed –types, Specifications
  • Variable –types
  • Array
  • Color coding
  • TDR (Thermistor),LDR, VDR
  • SMT resistors and Parallel & Series resistors
  • Current, voltage measurement
  • Capacitors
  • Capacitance, the Capacitor value
  • Capacitive Reactance
  • Specifications of Capacitor
  • Parallel & Series -coupling, filtering, bypassing
  • Fixed –Ceramic Capacitor, Mica Capacitor
  • Polyester Capacitor, Paper Capacitor
  • Electrolytic Capacitor (Aluminium, Tantalum)
  • Variable – types
  • SMT capacitors -Applications in Laptop (tank capacitor, EMIF, Sensor)
  • Dummy capacitors
  • Components checking using a multimeter
  • Inductors
  • Inductance, Inductive reactance
  • Self-inductance & mutual inductance
  • Inductor- types (application base only)
  • Comparison between Capacitors & Inductors
  • Transformers, Specification
  • Step-up Transformers, step down Transformers, Tapped Transformers
  • AC, chokes. Filters
  • SMT inductor and applications
  • Checking using Multimeter
  • Filters Semi-Conductors
  • N-Type & P-Type Semi-Conductors
  • P-N junction, Biasing
  • Semiconductor Diodes
  • Diode – working, Specification
  • Classification of Diodes
  • Zener diode Voltage Regulator
  • SMT diodes and applications
  • Checking using Multimeter
  • Checking using by component Tester
  • DC Voltage source
Course 3 Mobile Repair Course (Circuit/Schematic Analysis )

Module -o3 (Time: 30Hrs )

  • Charging section (all models)Components Used In charging Section, Charging indication, charging controlling
  • Temperature sensing, BSI
  • Energy management IC
  • USB charging
  • Power management section
  • Power saving mode in mobile phone.
  • Components Used In Power Section
  • Power distribution, Core Voltages
  • AC-DC converters (SMPS IC), regulators
  • Block diagram of UEM, RETU, AVILMA, and others
  • Temperature, Over Voltage, and Low–Voltage Cutoff For Battery.
  • BSI, B-Temp Circuit on Board, Sensing Point Complaints
  • current sensing resistor
  • Pull up and pull down the resistor
  • On-Off Section Working (different models such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson..))
  • Complaints Due To On-Off Circuit
  • RTC & Backup Battery
  • External Power Supply to Mobile Phone – Sensing Circuit
  • Tracing and Voltage checking
  • Complaints in charging and power sections
  • Block Diagram of Data Processing Section
  • CPU – Single engine, Dual engine
  • Different Processors –, Samsung, Sony, iPhone, oppo
  • Single and Dual Operating Systems
  • Clock Signal For CPU – main crystal and RTC, CPU Speed
  • Core voltage supply
  • DSP – Digital Signal Processor, Block Diagram Of Digital Modulation
  • Memory section
  • RAM,ROM,E2prom and Flash – common Complaints
  • MCP (multi-chip packages) or MML (merged memory logic) or Combo memory.
  • Memory capacity checking from serial number
  • Internal mass Storage, Extended memory (Memory card section)
  • SIM section -SIM Related H/W Complaints, SIM Related Error Messages. Mobile Software’s
  • System Software (Operating System) – Types of operating systems
  • Dual engine operating systems (System OS + Application OS)
  • API (Application Peripheral Interfere), Domestic OS (does not support API)
  • Data Exchange Software (PC suites)Mobile phone software upgrading
  • Service Software – Unlocking / Repairing
  • Flashing – different methods, Flashing Boxes & Dongles,
  • Tracing and Voltage checking
  • Error Messages For H/W Complaints While Using Boxes
  • Network Section
  • Block Diagram explanation, a Basic block diagram
  • RF Section and IF Section
  • Antenna , External Antenna, Antenna Switch (Tx / Rx),FEM
  • Pre-Amplifiers & RF Power Amplifier (TX)
  • LNA – RF Amplifiers, RF Signal Processor
  • VCO, Supply To VCO
  • Crystal Oscillator, Frequency Synthesizer – working
  • Crystal, Coil Filters, Mutual Couplers(RF transformers)
  • Tracing and Voltage checking
  • Common Complaints
  • Audio Section
  • Explanation Of Audio Section In Different Models – Audio IC
  • MIC – Types, Crystal & Digital mic
  • Noise cancellation & multimedia mic
  • Speaker, Ringer, Vibrator, Audio amplifiers (ICs), Hands-free – Types – WorkingDisplay Section
  • Liquid Crystal Display – LCD Drivers, LCD Connectors
  • Organic Led (O Led), examples
  • Touchpad- types of the touchpad(resistive, capacitive), Multy touch
  • Backlight driver circuit in different models
  • Backlight brightness controlling (ambient light sensor)
  • Tracing and Voltage checking
  • Common compliant keypad Section
  • Keypad, Backlight
  • Flip Keypad Activation
  • Joystick, Trackball, Touch Sensitive Keypad, optical touchpad
  • Camera Section
  • Camera –types, camera working voltages
  • The resolution, digital &optical zooming
  • Camera flashlight driver circuit
  • Sensors
  • Hardware details
  • Tracing and Voltage checking
  • Common complaints about advanced Technologies In Mobile Communication
  • Convergent technology – TV, Projector, internet, GPS ……
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DLNA, Wi-Max
  • Wi-Fi hot spot in mobile phone
  • GPS & Navigation on Mobile phone
  • Short-range wireless sections in mobile phones -Hardware details
  • FM, Wi-Fi, Blue tooth, GPS
  • iPhone, Blackberry
  • Deadset repairing procedure
  • Data backup and recovery method
Course 4 Mobile Repair Course Module (I/C Rebelling)

Module -4: Time 25 Hrs.

  • Checking Cell phone Schematic through advanced tools and software
  • EMMC programming
  • iPad iCloud Erasing
  • Pad layout

Recent FAQ

Firstly, you have to complete your basic education and join a mobile repairing center in Kathmandu, learn and practice over there, and start working.

Guru computer solution is the best mobile repair training center in Kathmandu which has more than one decade of experience in mobile repairing courses.

Well, complete your basic education and enroll in guru computer solution for mobile repair training in Kathmandu, learn with them and practices some real-life-based problem over there, gain some experience and become an expert.

Yes, you can learn online mobile repair training, however, this is not more effective as compared to taking the class. Better to join mobile repair training in Kathmandu at Guru computer solution.

Mobile phone repairing is relatively easy to understand how cell phones work if something goes wrong. Everything can be repaired from software to the hardware of the phone by a good professional technician.

The jumper is the scolding wire which is used for joining one mobile component to another component. This is used when some SMD electronic components or IC is faulty.

Most of us use the internet for many functions, for finding us simply search on chrome as mobile repair training in Kathmandu and we will be available there or just dial 977 9745610310.


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