Printer repair training in Kathmandu

The printer (Paper Roll Ink New Tray Everyone Run) is a common computer peripheral device that accepts electronic data like text, graphics, and other combinations.  from the computer and prints them into paper. It is an auxiliary object, which is connected to the CPU of the computer.

Whether you’re an IT professional or another professional it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new career, becoming a printer repair and maintenance expert in Kathmandu can open up new possibilities. You may find that experience in other jobs will help you become a printer specialist. For that, you need to choose advanced printer repair training in Kathmandu.

Any repair technician needs to have specialized knowledge and skills for the needs of the company. Any business and companies hire the employee as an IT professional if he/ she has been trained and certified by the training center. The printer repair technician can be a computer technician, who specialized in installing, repairing, and maintaining copiers and printers.

Either any type of printer or photocopy machine-like digital photocopiers, laser printer multifunction printers, etc. the technician’s job is to service, troubleshoot, or repair various types of parts repair. Guru computer solution has special certification of different repairing and training services. Printer repair training in Kathmandu is one of them, with having useful certification for copier professionals which is best for the carrier.

Printer repair training in kathmandu
Printer repair training in Kathmandu

Technology has changed the lifestyle of every person with the help of different devices and gadgets hard and longer work is turned into smarter and shortest. Out of those devices, the printer is one of them a useful and very popular electronic device. When we are functioning or using a printer there may be much trouble or problems.

So, we need to maintain and service in time. For solving the error, maintenance, and service we need to have a well-trained and skilled technician.

Printer repair training center in Kathmandu

Guru computer solution is always one step forward in providing quality printer repair training in Kathmandu. We yield practical-based training, job support, replacement, self-employment support, and help to be familiar with live practicals on different brands like BrothersCanonHPKyoceraRicoh, Samsung, XeroxEpson, etc and models students. Anyone who has an interest in printer repair training course, there is no any boundary for joining the course, any graduation can learn.

Printer repair training center in Kathmandu delivers all aspects of printer theory, maintenance, service, and repair for a career as printer expertise for students with up-to-date, high tech, and comprehensive with fully live practical in deep. Guru computer solution is a trusted organization that is certified by CTEVT from the Nepal government and collaboration with different technology-related companies for the job replacement of trainees.

The printer repair training center in Kathmandu provides printer repairing training for more than 1500 students and has also done replacements for more than 1000 students. During a practical session, the Printer repair training center in Nepal provides various brands like inkjet, laser, and dot-matrix printer chip level repair.

Printer repair training is provided by our service engineer or technical experts on both knowledge and technical aspects. According to our past success rate, more than 95% of students are completed the printer repairing course and job placed as well. It’s an honor to share our experience with many students who are self-employed and settled in a reputed organization as well.

Printer repair training in Kathmandu | Course overview

We are well known as the best printer repair & printer repair training center all over Nepal. Our Printer reaping course will provide both working knowledge and repair skills and maintain any type of printer. We offer both basic and advanced courses with a well-managed lab, daily practice, and valuable syllabus due to these features Printer repair training center in Nepal is making us the best printer repair training center in Katmandu within a short period of time.

The printer repair training course in Kathmandu provides 100% comprehensive hands-on training in all aspects of printer theory, service, maintenance, and repair for the most modern, high-tech, and versatile students to become qualified printer technicians.

Guru computer solution offers printer repairing courses with guaranteed hands-on training, on-the-job support, and self-employment support with lifetime backup. If you are enrolling in the course advance printer repair training in Kathmandu we will provide the basic computer hardware and networking as a sub-course.

Not only the printer repair training but also our other courses are not only limited to maintaining and troubleshooting training. We provide other technical skills and platforms like service management of the business, contracting with companies for maintenance, and different business ideas which are really helpful for students in the coming future for our student. Our NSTB certified training program will teach you a Basic  and advanced printer repair training program here are some details of our program:

1. Basic Level of printer repair training

The basic level of printer repair training is the first level of printer repair training in Kathmandu when we talk about the course. It is the introduction about common trouble of different sections like Feeding, MK and FK unit section, scanner or optical problem, DP, Duplex Unit and power supply, Network, etc.

After learning basic printer training from Guru students t can solve lots of problems like Paper Jam issues, Printer Head issues, Blank Paper, Paper Tray issues, Light color print, Errors on display, WI-FI issues, Slow performance, Print Incomplete, etc.  you can access and learn the course content in basic printer repair training in Kathmandu from below

2. Advance printer repair training  in Kathmandu

Guru computer solution provides exclusive printer repair training on major brands by experts. In the printer repair training in Kathmandu, we are giving both the basic and advanced or chip level training service by 10+ years’ real-time experienced instructors. According to brands and types internal mechanism of every printer which has different from one to another.

Guru solution will teach the student all the techniques in the depth for repairing printers. In this advanced | chip-level printer training service we will teach about complex errors, firmware installation, circuit, and power analysis, working mechanisms, etc.

we will teach here about repair faults related to motherboard needs advanced and latest technology like the cathode-ray oscilloscope (CRO) which provides accurate time and amplitude measurements of voltage signals, and other equipment.

after completing the chip level of printer repair training in Kathmandu students can solve the  problems which are related to :

  • Connection problem
  • Not Turning on the problem
  • Toner error
  • Replacing the paper pickup roller
  • Drum Cartridge Replacement
  • Ink or Toner leaking
  • Paper jams when exiting the printer.
  • Paper is present in the tray, and a “No paper” error is displayed.
  • A pale sheet is printed.
  • When printing, from the edge of the sheet tractor strip.
  • Paper jam
  • Sensor issue
  • Pick up roller
  • Transfer belt
  • Replacing Thermal Film
  • Replacing the drum unit
  • Print defect correction
  • Prevention (cleaning)
  • USB Connector Repair
  • unsuccessful firmware
  • Motherboard problems
  • Power supply problems
  • MFP power supply repair

Which is the best printer repair training center in Nepal?

There is a big difference between saying and doing, so you need to be careful with fraud advertisers.  If you are delighted to join the printer repair training in Kathmandu/Nepal, your frustration is almost solved its time to show your worth with us. Guru computer solution is the only best printer repair training center in Kathmandu with more than 10 years of experience. The printer repair training center in Kathmandu also organizes other training courses like laptops, mobile, and projector repairing, etc.

Printer repair training in kathmandu
Printer repair training in Kathmandu

Repairing a printer is not big deal, so we arrange a course in a very easy way. Our trainers are professional and well experienced, they can give smooth guidance and technical support to the students. We use the latest and most advanced technology for executing courses with students.

We always support students who are dedicated with work and passion, we have different fees structure with different scholarships for applicable candidates. we mentioned many technical aspects of our model, however, a non-technical person can purchase this course.

Why learn Printer repair training at Guru Computer Solution?

Guru computer solution is the best training institute established in Kathmandu with many years of experience. We have a qualified staff and high-level training courses which are always the best choice among students. We provide the best and most advanced technical knowledge to our students in chip-level repairing courses.

We make sure that our students can easily understand and learn the repairing courses. We have a fully equipped lab with advanced technology tools. This helps to provide practical training for students. We also provide the placement for students who were successfully completed the course. We will guide our students to establish their own servicing centers. Some benefits of joining printer repair training in Guru Computer solution are as follows:

  • Practical Learning: We include both theoretical and practical classes for printer repair training in our institute. We provide 100% live practical in-depth training in all aspects of printer theory, maintenance, and service.
  • Professional instructors: We have the most professional instructor for teaching printer repairing courses. The main focus of our instructors is to improve the student’s experience and make them capable to survive in today’s competitive repairing market.
  • Best Study Material: We provide the best study materials for our students so that they can learn repairing courses easily and effectively.
  • No Age bar: There is no bar for learning printer repairing courses in our institute. Any age group of people can take printer repair training course if they are interested in it.
  • Advance syllabus: Our syllabus includes training from basics and goes to the advanced level. We start training from a basic introduction to different printers and go to the chip-level practice with testing & repairing tools, circuit tracing and repairing of the motherboard, printer hardware concept, and many more.
  • Modern lap: The printer repair training center in Kathmandu have a well-maintained lab for teaching repairing services with all the latest and advanced repairing tools or machines.
  • Different firmware software: The printer repair training center in Kathmandu Provides the different types of firmware software collection of mainly used brand’s printers
  • Affordable fees: We offer you a printer repairing training course at the most affordable price.
  • Online Support: If students find any difficulty related to course content we provide online support for that. So whenever the student needs help we are there for their support.
  • Certification after completion

After the completion of the printer repair training course, you will get a certificate of completion from the institute you have studied. This certificate works as proof of your skills acquisition in printer repairing. The training completion certificate provided by GURU will help you to survive in the printer repairing market and make it easy for you to get hired by different printer repairing centers in Nepal.

We have an advanced printer repairing training syllabus that makes trainees up to date with the latest printer technology in the Nepali market. Guru helps the trainees to get jobs as certified technicians in different repairing centers, industries, or training institutes and even supports them for their own startups. If you wanted to be a certified printer repair technician, you are welcome at Guru Computer Solutions.

Printer Repair Training in Nepal| Scopes and Career opportunities

Having skills in a technical field is never goanna be wasted because technology is growing rapidly in Nepal. After completion of the printer repair training course, you will be able to find different jobs like printer repairing center, printing press, trainer, and many more. Besides that, you will be able to establish your own printer repairing or training business.

In a growing market, you don’t need to worry about your income and career growth. There is never a shortage of jobs after having skills in hand. Some of the major jobs after completing the printer repairing training course from guru computer solution are mentioned below :

  • Customer support engineer (CSE): You are able to do a CSC job after completing this course, it jobs to provide information for the customers, find bugs, and also solved basic problems from phones/calls.
  • Repair Technician: Installing new printers, configuring printers on the network, maintaining and finding problems are the major duties of a professional printer repair technician. An organization can hire for timely check and maintenance of all the printing printer components.
  • Self-employment: If you are not interested in a job after this course, you will be able to start your business own self. Printer repairing is the best business over the year in the Nepali market and it definitely helps you for growing.
  • Assistant Manager: A well-qualified printer technician can get a job as an assistant manager in a national and multinational company by performing managerial tasks, such as scheduling, and maintaining inventory.
  • Executive- Product Manager: Being a technical expert, you already know about product description, their quality, analysis, check, finalizing, and other technical aspects. After that, you will be able to handle a business as a product manager.

Other Services:

The printer is an essential item to run any business and company, so printer repair training in Nepal is widely and rapidly grown demand of the current situation. when you decided to build your carrier as a good printer repair technician you must ask yourself is there any certified “printer repair training center near me” or “Printer repair training near me” that is reliable and trustworthy.

The answer is Yes! Guru computer solution is a certified repairing center in Kathmandu, Nepal. We provide different repairing services including laptop repair, printer repair, projector repair, CCTV repair, desktop repair, etc.

Our service is not limited to repairing only, Printer repair training center in Kathmandu also provides services related to repair training as well. We provide different repair training services like laptop repair training, projector repair training, CCTV repair training, and many more.



Course 1 Printer Repairing Course Syllabus
Course 2 Introduction to Printer
Course 3 Dot-matrix Printer repair training in Nepal
Course 4 Inkjet and Desk Jet Printer repair training in Nepal
Course 5 Laser Printer repair training in Nepal
Course 6 Replacement Procedures
Course 7 Some of the Common Printer Issues that we solve here are:-


Course 1 Printer Repairing Course Syllabus

Most of the repair training centers are assuming that any student is already known some technical knowledge. They start classes by simply putting equipment, but we are here for that student who really wants to learn about printer repair training in Kathmandu. The printer repair training center in Kathmandu had already discussed basic and advanced training programs.

In the printer repair training course in Nepal, the Printer repair training center in Nepal has given the modern syllabus, live practice, printer theory, maintenance, and service during the class. Printer repair training course partitioned into 4 sections. Theory, practical, practice, and field visit with the assistance of institutes, lots of students have been successfully completed their training.

Photocopy machine repair training in Kathmandu is very happy and glad to tell that our lots of student are hired into the organized in lots id reputed organization. Our advanced printer repairing course will provide you with the training which is required to begin your career.  here is the syllabus about printer repair training in Kathmandu.

Course 2 Introduction to Printer
  • Printer and its use
  • Types and brands of printer
  • Introduction to internal and external parts.
  • Basic Electronic concept
  • How does a printer work
Course 3 Dot-matrix Printer repair training in Nepal
  • Introduction to a dot-matrix printer and its function
  • Identify the parts and their function.
  • Assembling and dissembling Ideas
  • Working Concept
  • Common errors of dot matrix part.
  • Find trouble and solve that
  • check head, power supply, etc
  • Pin Head refurbish
  • Dot-matrix logic card & solution of card fault
Course 4 Inkjet and Desk Jet Printer repair training in Nepal
  • Introduction about Desk Jet and Inkjet Printer. And their function
  • Assembling and dissembling
  • Identify the Parts of inkjet printers.
  •  Finding common problems and printer troubleshooting?
  • Finding errors and their solution
  • Logic card fault of inkjet and repairing solutions.
  • Problems of different section and their solutions.
Course 5 Laser Printer repair training in Nepal
  • How the Laser Printer works.
  • LaserJet printer’s parts and Identification.
  • Assembling and dissembling
  •  Logic card block diagram concept
  • Find common faults and their solution
  • Repairing guidelines of all types of faults.
  • CPU and PCB concept.
  • Power the unit and lenses
  • Troubles of the scanner, Copier.
  •  Find the faults of different sections and their solution
  •  Logic card faults them and how to repair it.
Course 6 Replacement Procedures
  • Platin Covers
  • Head of the printer
  • Timing Belt
  • Motherboard
  • Different sensors
  • liver pickup
  • feeding roller
  • Power Supply
  • Gap Sensor
  • Eye Mark Sensor
Course 7 Some of the Common Printer Issues that we solve here are:-

  • Printing very slow
  • Paper Jam of printer
  • Streaked Pages while printing
  • Withdraw blank sheet after paper print
  • Printer connectivity issue with the computer
  • Sometimes print half a page
  • Print blur images
  • Print lighter images
  • Print puddle links
  • Print jagged vertical lines
  • Missing colors
  • Foulness
  • Missing some characters
  • Print in different size
  • Too much noise while printing any document

Recent FAQ

Although, there are lots of printer repair training centers inside Kathmandu valley. All of them are well and good. Here Printer repair training center in Kathmandu are providing training and repairing services since 2010. We have designed our course by experts and experienced trainers who work working in different companies. Some smart devices and equipment with the latest syllabus will guide the student in the coming future. We are offering different pieces of training inside and outside of Kathmandu. You can join our program from everywhere. We teach our students according to an industry-oriented syllabus. we will provide a chance to repair different brands like Brothers, Canon, HP, Kyocera, Ricoh, Samsung, Xerox, Epson, etc.

Now that your concern is gone, printer repair training in Kathmandu is here for your service, if you need to learn a printer repair training course, you can search us as a guru computer solution or the best printer repair training center near me. If you feel unable to reach us, just call on given number.

Guru computer solution is the best training provider institution of the printer, laptop, computer, projector, etc. come with us for your better career.

If you want to visit the institute for enrolling courses, come to pipalbot, Newroad, Kathmandu. For your convenience, you can search us as a “Guru Computer Solution” and it’s easy to find the location and map of our location as well.

The printer repair training course is to provide proper knowledge of maintenance and repair function for the computer printer and plotters. In this course, you will also be able to learn to find bugs and replace spheres and parts of different brands of printers.

It’s all dependent upon you, make sure you are ready for taking this course and visit our organization “Guru Computer Solution” for your better career.

There is no age boundary for learning and executing technical aspects in our life. Anyone who is over 16 years old and has a great interest in this field and makes his/her career in printer repairing field can choose this course.

A printer technician is a person who can install, configure, find bugs, maintenance black or white color printers, such as inkjet, dot matrix, laser, and thermal printers which are used in home, office, and business.


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