Projector repair training  Kathmandu

The projector is a part of our leading technical aspect in Nepal, many people are interested to learn projector repair training course in Kathmandu. This device is very useful for colleges/schools, cinemas centers, homes, offices, and other many institutions. People are using the projector because it makes video/image large into the screen and easy to watch as well.

As the use of projectors increases, there is also a huge demand for projector technicians in the market to solve common/complex problems. Some problems of the projector such as projectors won’t turn off, dots and lines on the screen, bad image quality, remote not working, overheating, turn off unexpectedly, colors distorted, and other hardware and software related problems.

In Nepal, there are many brands and companies’ projectors such as Dell, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, VIO, HP, etc. The projector repair center in Kathmandu helps to provide a reliable and secure professional career for the students. Students know about the tips and tricks that support them in finding the projector problems quickly and performing their maintenance.

Students don’t need to have a technical background or high skills in English as well. Guru computer provides extensive professionalism in projector repair in a short period. After this course, students also can run self-business as well.

Projector repair training Kathmandu

The projector is a device that helps to display large screens through the VGA cable of laptops and computers. Many institutions are here in Kathmandu that is providing projector repair training; however, guru computer solution is the only better place for making your career in the repairing field.  We guru are providing technical related training like a laptops, computers, printers, CCTV cameras for more than a decade.

 Technology is never been stopped; we have to move with it. So, we have to focus on practical or lived problems solving strategies rather than theory-based learning. Guru computer solution provides a highly upgraded course that can defend the problems of the market’s common projector brands and companies like Asus, Canon, Epson, Hitachi, joy life, NEC, etc.

Guru computer solutions play a role as a booster for your career, this is always the supreme place for developing expert technicians in various technical fields. We aim to provide quality training for interested students by expert/training engineers.

Projector repair training  Kathmandu | Course overview

To be a good projector repair technician, you need to have a good course in technology and theory as well. Guru computer solution offers a wide range of syllabus that can deal with any brand of projector which is familiar in the Nepalese market. With this attitude, guru computers have been established as the best projector repair center in Kathmandu in the shortest time zone.

We provide a hundred percent genuine upgraded courses according to the latest technology and market demands. In addition, we arrange our syllabus into two modules that are the basic level of projector repair training course and the advanced levels of projector repair training course.

Giving only training is not enough for students, introducing with market and back support are also important for career building. We guru computer solution provide job on hands after completion of printer repair training course. If you want to grow your own business, we will support market research and provide proper business counseling.

Only technical knowledge does not grow you as a businessman, you all need to know about strategy, good communication, location search, etc. We care for your future and help you to reach a comfortable position. Our NSTB certified course will teach the basic and advanced levels of repair training are given below;

1. Basic level of projector repair training in Kathmandu

The term basic is already defined, this is the first stage of repair training of projector. You will learn all the basic aspects of the projector like screen blinking, VGA cable not working, projector not turning off, bad image quality, remote problems, etc.

After completion of this course, you will be able to find the issue with the projector and can solve it decently. You can install a projector for new business, cabling problems, color problems, and other basics.

2. Advanced levels of projector repair training  in Kathmandu

Guru computer solutions provide an extreme level of projector repair training course, in this level, you can learn the core level of repairing like replacement parts, projector board, removing projector bulb, etc.

In advanced level of projector repair training, you will be able to find all problems of projector because we provide different kinds of projector while in training. This curriculum is designed due to provide a wide area of knowledge in the projector field.  After completion of advanced projector repair training in Kathmandu  from guru computer solution, students will be able to do the following;

    • Projector color discolor
    • The light on a projector is blinking
    • The projector light is burnt out
    • Projector making noise
    • Formation of dots on the image
    • Partial display of image
    • Inputs not working
    • Projector auto turns off
    • The projector is not detected on windows
    • Troubleshooting
    • Board problem
    • Overheating

Which is the best projector repair training in Kathmandu?

Guru computer solutions exist in Kathmandu as the best projector repair center. We have a premier syllabus and teach by advanced technological devices. Guru computer solution provides quality trainers who are either engineers or technical experts. We have collaborated with different companies and organizations, so job replacement can be done for applicable candidates.

Our trainers are well-expert in repairing and can deal with different types of projector brands and companies like Asus, Epson, NEC, Canon, Hitachi, etc. guru computer solution always support students in making their career and growth in technical skills.

We offer an affordable fee structure, peaceful environment, learning-based teaching, practical with lived problems of the projector, career counseling, and motivated students with non-technical aspects as well. So, feel free to join guru computer solution for learning projector repair training, we secure your bright future ahead.

Why learn Projector repair training at Guru Computer Solution?

Guru computer solution provides the best projector repair training in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer career-oriented projector repairing courses with advanced technology and repairing tools. Our experienced trainer gives you easy repairing procedure, latest guidance, software training procedure and also spare parts supporting to students. We provide the students with the most up-to-date, high-tech, and advanced projector theory, maintenance, service, and repair for a career as an expert projector technicians.

projector repair training center in kathmandu
projector repair training in Kathmandu

We provide projector repairing course with 100% practical, job support, self-employment support, Live practical on various brands and models. We teach the student the most essential tips and tricks that help them in finding the projector issues quickly and performing their repair. We taught students by well-experienced faculties with both technical and field knowledge.

Some benefits of joining the projector repair training course in Guru Computer Solution are as follows:

  • Standard or regular classes: We offer the most advanced projector repair training in Kathmandu on regular basis. These courses help the students to understand projector repairing from the basic to advanced stages.
  • Practical classes: We provide 100% practical classes for projector repairing courses. For this, we have our projector repair center, where students can practice any projector-related issues and problems.
  • job-oriented courses: The main focus of this course is to prepare students according to the needs of the repairing industry. We provide career guidance and employment opportunities for those candidates who want to find a job in projector repairing.
  • Most affordable fee structure: We provide projector repair training courses at the most affordable price. So anyone who wanted to build their career in projector repairing can join us without any worries.
  • Online and Offline Sessions: We offer the projector repairing course for students as per their requirements. Whether they want online or offline we provide both.
  • Advance syllabus: We have the most advanced syllabus in the projector repair training course. Our course starts from a basic introduction to the different projector and go to the chip-level practice with testing & repairing tools, circuit tracing and repairing of the motherboard, projector hardware concept, and many more.
  • Best Study Material: We provide the best study materials for projector repairing courses to students. Which will help them to learn repairing courses easily and effectively.

Certification after completion

A certificate of completion is necessary after the completion of any course. When you complete your projector repair training course, this certificate work as proof of your skill acquire. This certificate will help you to fit in the projector repair market in Nepal.

Guru Computer Solution is a certified projector repair training in Kathmandu, Nepal. We fulfill all the requirements of being the best printer repair training center. We have experienced trainers, modern and equipped labs, our service center for live practice, and other different facilities for students who wanted to learn a projector repairing course.

Our syllabus on projector repair training meets all demands of today’s projector repairing industry which makes trainees up to date with the latest projector technology in the market. We help our trainees to get jobs as certified projector technicians in different repairing industries, and even support them to start their startups after the completion of the course. If you wish to be a certified projector repair technician, you can join Guru Computer Solutions.

Scope and career opportunities of “Projector repair training near me”

With the growing market of projectors all over Nepal, there is a huge demand for a projector in various places like schools/colleges, films hall, seminars, and homes as well. People are using projectors means after some time issues can come on a projector So, at that time everyone wants an expert technician.

After completion of projection repair training in Kathmandu from guru computer Solutions, students will be able to do various jobs regarding projectors and basic computers as well. Some of the popular jobs after the projector repair training are given below;

  • Repair Technician: You will get a job in a national and multi-national organization as a projector repair technician. Installing a new projector, maintenance, and replacements the projector are the major function of an expert technician.
  • Self-Employer: Developing technical skills always supports you to do your own business. Just like that, you can establish your projector repair workshop or projector showroom.
  • Customer Helpdesk: If you hire in any organization, you can get responsibility as a customer helpdesk officer. Being a technical person, you can deal with the customer in all aspects of projectors.
  • Assistance manager: Working in reputed companies is always a pleasure for every employee. You can work in a projector selling company as an assistant manager and get opportunities to build good communication with team members.

Projector repair training center in Nepal | Other Services

Guru computer solutions provide different repairing services related to electronic products. We provide complete repairing services for all products including laptop repair, printer repair, projector repair, CCTV repair, desktop repair, and many more.

We also provide different repair training courses like laptop repair training, printer repair training, CCTV repair training, projector repair training, and many more.

and our Partners

Who can join our projector repair training course?

For the learning ‘Projector repair training in Nepal,‘ you are searching Projector repair training center in Nepal here we are located at new road named Guru computer, we don’t have restrictions on people. Everyone who has basic technical knowledge and interest in projector repairing can join our course. Whether you are a 10th pass, 12th pass, graduate, or working professionals anyone can join our institute. There is also no age limit to becoming a projector repair technician.

We train students to become experts in projector repair technicians. So if you are planning to study a projector repairing course, you can join Guru Computer Solution.

For more information, you can contact us.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact No.: +977 9745610310
  • Location: Newroad, Pipalbot, Kathmandu


Course 1 About the syllabus projector repair training in Kathmandu
Course 2 Course Syllabus of projector repair training in Nepal


Course 1 About the syllabus projector repair training in Kathmandu

The electronic device used to present the presentations is a projector, not only the presenting it is used to watching videos/ movies, playing games now the projector is widely used for many areas like schools, business, offices, etc. lots of problems can be seen in projectors like blur image, shadow image, and other more errors can coming from different parts of devices.  The huge use of a projector can evolve huge problems. To maintain all types of projector-related problems we are here in Kathmandu.

Not only the projector repair have we also provided the best projector repair course which is designed by our expert engineers. If you are deciding your career as the best projector service technician guru computer always welcomes you. After enrolling in the course projector repair training in Kathmandu from us, a student can operate any issues occurring on your projectors. Guru offers these courses to the student in order to make efficient and self-dependent by earning handsome money.

Course 2 Course Syllabus of projector repair training in Nepal
  • Introduction about various types of projectors
  • The technology used inside the projector
  • Common faced problems regarding to different brand’s
  • lens fault find and troubleshoot
  • Blurry image error
  • Display shadow problem
  • Power section problem
  • color problem
  • connectivity problem
  • input / output problem

Recent FAQ

Guru computer solution is the best projector repair training provider company in the valley and all over Nepal. It provides quality training for more than a decade.

Everyone is now under the internet in the 21 century, if you are interested to enroll in the projector repair training course just google us as “Guru computer Solution” and if you feel any uncertainty just feel free to call us. and you can also search projector repair training near me.

We are located at the heart of Kathmandu, pipalbot, Newroad and if you go through our website, you will get a road map and you can also call us for the proper location.

It all depends upon which course do you enrolled in, we have two categories, of course, basic and advanced levels of projector repair training.

Projector repairing is to maintain, install, and replace the projector. During this course, you will be able to handle projector problems in decent ways.

Having a piece of technical knowledge is ownself a scope according to the rapid growth of technology. In addition, you will get a job like a repair technician, help desk officer, assistant manager, and government jobs as well


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