Mobile Repair Training in Nepal

Empowering Futures, Enabling Careers – that's the Guru Computer Solution commitment in mobile repair training in Nepal.

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Mobile Repair Training in Nepal at Guru Computer Solution

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  •  Duration

    4 months

  •  Career Level

    Mid Level

  •  Group Size

    5-10 Persons

  •  Assesment


Elevate Your Skills, Shine Bright: Mobile Repair Mastery in Kathmandu Since 2010.

Step into excellence at Guru Computer Solution, the paramount mobile repair mastery hub in Kathmandu since 2010. If you yearn to master the art of mobile repairing in Nepal and outshine your peers in the fiercely competitive IT arena, your journey begins here.

Embark on our dynamic, CTEVT-certified mobile repair training program, a powerhouse covering a spectrum of skills, from fundamental know-how to cutting-edge chip-level expertise. Tailored to arm you with the essential prowess to not just survive but thrive in the ever-evolving realm of mobile technology.

Premier Mobile Repair Mastery Hub in Kathmandu - Guru Computer Solution

Excellence demands state-of-the-art laboratories, crystal-clear guidelines, hands-on tasks rooted in reality, an illustrious track record, and all-encompassing course materials. Guru Computer Solution doesn't just meet these standards; we exceed them, shaping budding technicians into consummate professionals. Our mission: Empower, Equip, Excel.

Learn and Master the Craft of Mobile Repair.

Our mobile repair mastery course is open to everybody, regardless of technical background. Take part in an intensive, hands-on learning experience. Explore the world of fundamental troubleshooting, card-level complexities, component-level delicacy, and the pinnacle of chip-level excellence. Specialize in chip-level mobile repair techniques, establishing yourself as a true maestro.

Revitalize: Real-World Training and Industry-Related Mastery 

Guru Computer Solution does more than just teach; we immerse you in the real-world applications of your knowledge. As a reputable mobile repair center, we provide a platform for you to work on live projects while repairing genuine mobile issues. Engage with well-known brands, overcoming problems such as screen replacement, data recovery, and motherboard repairs.

Grow - Your Path to an Empowered Career.
Your journey goes beyond learning and repairing; it leads you into a rewarding profession in the field of technology. Our CTEVT-certified mobile repair training, along with real-time projects, ensures that you are not only trained but also ready to challenge the professional world. We guarantee constant assistance after the course, propelling you into positions such as Mobile Technician, IT assistance Specialist, or a variety of other chances in the ever-changing mobile technology sector.

Enlist Now: Propel Your Career with Mobile Repair Mastery in Nepal.

Why Should You Choose Guru Computer Solution's Mobile Repair Mastery Course?

Our instruction ranges from basic to expert chip-level procedures, providing an in-depth knowledge of mobile repair. CTEVT certification can help you build a reputation and demonstrate your skills in mobile repair to potential businesses. To fit around your schedule, we offer flexible learning choices. Our course is flexible, so you may learn at your own pace and convenience. Working on real-world projects will provide you with valuable practical experience. This hands-on approach enhances fundamental understanding. Work on live projects at our linked mobile repair center to put theory into practice, tackling issues like screen replacement and data recovery. Learn from experienced experts who contribute real-world industry insights, ensuring that you obtain high-quality training. 

It allows you to tailor your learning experience to your interests. Focusing on specialized areas such as chip-level strategies will help you stand out in the job market. Beyond the course, we offer career support and assistance to help you connect with job options and grow in your chosen sector. Networking with like-minded individuals creates a supportive learning environment and provides opportunities for job connections. Empower yourself as an entrepreneur by learning how to set up a mobile service center and pursue opportunities for new business. 

This program prepares you for difficulties and advancements in mobile technologies. Unlock a wide range of professional prospects, including becoming a Mobile Technician and working in IT support, mobile accessory development, software specialization, and more.

Choose Guru Computer Solution for a practical, flexible, and comprehensive mobile repair course. Enroll now and take the first step toward a rewarding career in mobile technology.

Brief Outline Of the Course

Mobile Technician

Become the go-to expert in diagnosing and repairing mobile devices. As a Mobile Technician, you'll handle a variety of issues, from hardware glitches to software malfunctions, ensuring seamless functionality for users.

IT Support Specialist

Elevate your career by venturing into the realm of IT support. Armed with mobile repair expertise, you can provide comprehensive support for organizations, troubleshooting mobile-related issues and contributing to a smooth IT infrastructure.

Mobile Service Entrepreneur

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit by establishing your mobile service center. Offer repair services to individuals and businesses, build a loyal clientele, and establish a thriving venture in the ever-expanding mobile repair industry.

Mobile Software Specialist

Hone your software skills and specialize in mobile software solutions. Work with app development, mobile operating systems, or software optimization, contributing to the digital evolution in the mobile technology landscape.

Mobile Technology Consultant

Share your expertise by becoming a consultant in the mobile technology domain. Advise businesses on mobile strategies, technology upgrades, and best practices, becoming a trusted advisor in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Mobile Accessories Developer

Dive into the accessory market by leveraging your mobile repair mastery. Design and create innovative mobile accessories, such as protective cases, screen protectors, or customized add-ons, catering to the ever-growing demand for mobile enhancements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The course duration varies based on the level of expertise you wish to achieve. Our comprehensive program spans from basic to chip-level skills, with flexible timelines to accommodate different learning preferences.

A: Absolutely! Our course is designed for individuals with diverse backgrounds. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a novice, our seamless and practical learning experience ensures you grasp the intricacies of mobile repair at your own pace.

A: Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a certification from the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), validating your expertise in mobile repair.

A: Yes, the course emphasizes real-world applications. You will have the opportunity to work on live projects, solving authentic mobile issues, and gaining hands-on experience to reinforce your learning.

A: Certainly! Our course structure allows you to explore various levels of mobile repair, including chip-level techniques. You can tailor your learning to specialize in areas that align with your interests and career goals.

A: Yes, we offer ongoing support and career guidance post-course completion. Our aim is to empower you not only with skills but also to help you excel in your chosen career path. We assist in connecting you with relevant job opportunities in the mobile technology sector.

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Customer Testimonials What our customers have to say.

Guru Computer Solution is one of the most trusted IT Support Centers in Kathmandu, Nepal. It provides both repair and training services. Having said that, we can say Guru is truly the best choice for repairing your devices and also for gaining skill knowledge related to laptop repair training, printer repair training, and mobile repair training.
Sameer Budhathoki - Coordinator
Sameer Budhathoki Digital Marketing Coordinator
Guru Computer Solution is known for its trusted repairing services for laptops, printers, CCTV, Mobile, Cash Counting machines, and many more electronic devices. It's been over a decade but there is no less in the provision of quality services for customers. Feel Free to contact Guru Computer Solution for any of the repairing services for electronic devices.
Barsha Pokhrel - SEO Technician
Barsha Pokhrel SEO Technician
Guru Computer Solution is the best choice for device repairs. Skilled technicians and reliable tools guarantee quick and reliable service. Clients can trust us to fix issues efficiently and keep their devices running smoothly. With a solid reputation for customer satisfaction, Guru Computer Solutions stands out in the device repair industry.
Kiran Khanal
Kiran Khanal Social Media Manager
Guru Computer solution is cost-effective for both hardware and software devices. It provides customers with trust-worthy services with a warranty. Established in 2010, Guru continues to provide services with diligence and sincerity. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to help with your computing needs. Having said that we are here for more than decades so you can trust our services.
CEO of Guru Computer Solution
Santosh Niraula CEO