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In an age where computers are the foundation of our everyday activities, Guru Computer Solution stands out as an example of a dependable and effective Computer repair center near you in Kathmandu, Nepal

Your Reliable Partner for Computer Repair in Kathmandu, Nepal

Guru Computer Solution, founded in 2010, has been at the top of providing exceptional Computer repair services in Kathmandu. Guru Computer Solution is the best Computer repair center in Kathmandu, Nepal, thanks to our skilled team of CTEVT-certified experts and industry-leading service engineers with over ten years of combined experience. 

 We are dedicated to providing not only our knowledge but also competitive pricing, quick and easy processing, authentic parts replacement use, fast turnaround times, and a wide range of innovative repair services that make Guru Computer Solution, your reliable partner for Computer repair in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Let's look at why Guru Computer Solution is an excellent pick for Computer repair services in Nepal.

Introduction to Chip Level Repair in Kathmandu.

Computer problems can range from component-level malfunctions to complicated chip-level issues, including both hardware and software concerns. To solve this wide range of issues, Guru Computer Solution has launched innovative Chip Level Computer Repair Services in Nepal, which includes a cutting-edge repair lab. Let's look at the order of Computer Repair services at Guru Computer Solution, breaking down the details for a better understanding.

Basic Level Computer Repairing at Guru Computer Solution

1. Basic Level Computer Repairing

Guru Computer Solution quickly detects and resolves common computer problems like software glitches, system failures, and simple hardware malfunctions. If you are skilled at dealing with common computer issues, you may be able to handle these on your own. However, for more complex concerns, please visit our specialized repair center in Kathmandu for specialized help.

Component Level Computer Repairing at Guru Computer Solution

2. Component Level Computer Repairing

To go a step further, our IT specialists use modern gear like multimeters to diagnose and repair individual components like as memory modules, CPUs, displays, and keyboards. If your computer is experiencing problems beyond the essentials, our team is ready to give customized solutions.

3. Circuit Sleuths Level Repairing

This level is for the most experienced players! Guru Computer Solution goes into the complexities of circuitry, addressing issues that affect vital functions such as charging, Wi-Fi connectivity, display panels, and more. Our professionals can unravel intricacies and solve even the most difficult difficulties using sophisticated technologies like BIOS programmers.

4. Chip-Level Computer Repairing

Welcome to the extraordinary level! Guru Computer Solution's top-notch professionals handle the most difficult instances, exhibiting unrivaled expertise in chip-level repair. With a thorough understanding of motherboards, they can reliably replace chipsets such as CPUs, PCHs, microcontrollers, and graphics chips. Only the greatest in their profession take on these impossible tasks.

Common Issues

Expert Computer Repair Center in Kathmandu - Contact Us Right Away!

Guru Computer Solution provides timely and professional Computer repair services in Kathmandu, Nepal. We stand out from the competition thanks to our unique features, which make us your best option for handling computer issues. 

Guru Computer Solution safeguards your information and privacy. Also, we promise that our services are affordable, dependable, available via multiple platforms, and have prime locations for your ease. 

Choose Guru Computer Solution for all your laptop needs, where we combine expertise and excellence. Your satisfaction is our top priority! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Guru Computer Solution offers a wide variety of computer repair services, including software troubleshooting, hardware replacement, system optimization, virus removal, and specialty services such as chip-level repairs.

Absolutely. Guru Computer Solution makes a great effort to protect the security and confidentiality of your data. We follow strict standards to secure your privacy during the repair process.

If your computer crashes frequently, has slow performance, hardware malfunctions, or software issues that you can't fix, you should get professional help. Unusual noises, overheating, and hardware problems are all indicators.

Yes, our expert technicians are capable of fixing both Mac and Windows computers. We provide complete services that are adapted to the individual requirements of each operating system.

Customer Testimonials What our customers have to say.

Guru Computer Solution is one of the most trusted IT Support Centers in Kathmandu, Nepal. It provides both repair and training services. Having said that, we can say Guru is truly the best choice for repairing your devices and also for gaining skill knowledge related to laptop repair training, printer repair training, and mobile repair training.
Sameer Budhathoki - Coordinator
Sameer Budhathoki Digital Marketing Coordinator
Guru Computer Solution is known for its trusted repairing services for laptops, printers, CCTV, Mobile, Cash Counting machines, and many more electronic devices. It's been over a decade but there is no less in the provision of quality services for customers. Feel Free to contact Guru Computer Solution for any of the repairing services for electronic devices.
Barsha Pokhrel - SEO Technician
Barsha Pokhrel SEO Technician
Guru Computer Solution is the best choice for device repairs. Skilled technicians and reliable tools guarantee quick and reliable service. Clients can trust us to fix issues efficiently and keep their devices running smoothly. With a solid reputation for customer satisfaction, Guru Computer Solutions stands out in the device repair industry.
Kiran Khanal
Kiran Khanal Social Media Manager
Guru Computer solution is cost-effective for both hardware and software devices. It provides customers with trust-worthy services with a warranty. Established in 2010, Guru continues to provide services with diligence and sincerity. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to help with your computing needs. Having said that we are here for more than decades so you can trust our services.
CEO of Guru Computer Solution
Santosh Niraula CEO